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Yuki Ng X’mas Present for Jesus

Yuki Ng Christmas Present for Jesus

During mid-October, there was a tile donation drive organized by the church members as our church will be undergoing reconstruction. Although our brothers and sisters bought tiles collectively, nobody knew how to paint them.

When I attended Mass and a sharing session on one of the Sunday mornings, I got to know that they needed help with the painting of the tiles. Painting is easy to me, hence I offered to help. This is how the brothers and sisters from my Mandarin catechism class knew about my art background and ability to paint! This is also why when brother Feng Cheng discovered that the English class were facing problems with Christmas decorations, and that they needed volunteers who have art background, he immediately thought of me and recommended me to them.


We had a meeting two weeks ago. As time was short, and all of us had our own commitments, as the designer, I proposed that we find the simplest way to decorate the church, and that is to discourage all of us from drawing as it takes up too much time and because not many of us knew how to draw. However, as we got carried away discussing, we ended up deciding that I would be taking care of restoring the original wall paintings, while the rest would handmake decoration items and ornaments. love_care_life_001_art_christmas_gift_jesus_

When I studied this wall again, I was thinking to myself: Oh Lord! Your calling for me, isn’t it too strong? To restore this wall, alone, in one day’s time, I could imagine just how difficult this was going to be. I was thinking: Oh Lord! Please give me strength! First, strength to deal with my fear of heights……look how high this wall is! This was how my contribution in art for Him started:   I arrived at the art shop to find myself feeling unfamiliar with all these art materials around me! The thing is, I forgot to take the exact measurements of the wall beforehand; hence I had no idea how much paint I should buy! The worst thing was that the shop closes at 6pm! My goodness! I had 15 minutes left to buy the materials I needed! Well, I shall just buy some basic colours and bright colours! Let me use my great shopping skills to grab all the things I want within a short span of time! Haha!


Back in church, while I was mixing the colours, I realized that if I had to mix colours of the same tone in big batches, I would need to spend more time. However, once the colour tone is changed, it is equivalent to creating a new drawing all over again! This was an important and risky decision that I had to make; I was racing against time and had no room for mistakes. In the end, I have decided to create a new drawing! Let’s do it!

Earlier, I was worried that I could not finish the mission and I immediately call out to see if any of my friends who are good in art could help! Luckily, a senior I met in NAFA, Angie Chua, saw my cries for help and came by! However, she could only help out for a few hours as she needed to take care of her kids afterwards. If you know that Angie is actually a Buddhist, but she came to help just because I needed it, won’t you feel touched too by her sincerity and kind-heartedness! God bless her and her family! I’m really grateful to her! Hope we could make the impossible mission possible! Dear Lord! Please give me strength!

Since we did not have much time and we all had to paint in a similar way, I thought that using Van Gogh’s technique of painting would be the way to go. With a few basic colours, the technique is all about painting big and small circles. This way, we need not worry too much about whether or not the colours are spread evenly and the chances of making mistakes are lower. Even people without a flair for art could do it!

After Angie left, Aunt Janet wanted to help but she was worried about her skills. After giving her some encouragement, she took up the brush to try and discovered that it was actually really simple! She carried on happily! After painting for a while she asked me whether or not what she did was ok? She also kept sending me messages to ask me to check on her work. Every time she asked, I assured her it was perfectly fine! She found my reaction amusing and said that I trusted her too much. I told her: “There’s no right or wrong in art! Don’t worry and just paint comfortably!”

love_care_life_006_art_christmas_gift_jesus_ Uncle Joe is another person who would rather do anything else than drawing. He was afraid that he would ruin the artwork! Haha…… is painting so scary? Luckily, he reminded me that the previous painted plasterboards could be dismantled. That’s great! That way we could paint faster! We dismantled the plasterboards piece by piece and moved them to the carpark below. Uncle Joe removed the nails carefully so that I would not get cut by them accidentally. Thank you for being so thoughtful, Uncle Joe! However, I still managed to get myself into an accident. The floor was slippery as it was raining and I was wearing slippers, I slipped and fell and landed on my buttock! It hurts!love_care_life_007_art_christmas_gift_jesus_

Using paintbrush, the progress was too slow, so I went out and bought some sponges instead. Using sponges to draw circles, you could create beautiful clouds! Painting this way was fun!

Using the broom may speed up the progress, but it was still very tiring! It was like doing housework! Other than taking a break for a quick bite, I did not stop painting, hoping that I could meet my target of completing the work by night time!


By 10pm, we were mounting and nailing the painted boards one-by-one. At the same time, I was doing the last bit of touch-ups on all the boards.


Tada! Everyone said it was impossible (including me), but I still managed to do it because I believe that He would give me the strength to! Thank God! I had painted non-stop for 12 hours (this is the largest painting I have ever done in my life) and finally completed it before 12am! (It wasn’t perfect though, we ran out of paint) At first, we agreed that we only need to restore the old painting, but the madwoman in me 101meds could not stop myself from re-painting the whole thing! It felt so great to have completed this difficult challenge! I felt so happy and satisfied!


Always, in our beliefs, we would pray for what we hope God can give us; we seldom ask ourselves what we could give to God. I am really glad that I had the chance to present a Christmas gift to our Lord before Christmas. This made my Christmas this year a meaningful one! Thank you God for giving me the chance to contribute to You! For all whom I love, I have always loved with all my strength! It’s just that now I have surrendered my right to love to Lord Almighty, because He will never abandon me —— He loves me more! Amen!


Wai Yee Chim bk

Translator: Wai Yee Chim

Yuki Ng bk
Writer : Yuki Ng
Read chinese article: 给耶稣的圣诞礼物

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