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“China's snake spirit” “strikes” again

Liu Zi Chen or better known as “China’s snake spirit” “strikes” again.

However as opposed to the previous saga-s whereby Liu “strikes”netizens with his sharp comments, the current saga portrayed Liu as the victim.

According to a devastated Liu as shown in his youtube video, beatings from the group of angry mobs has left him bruised and a tearful Liu swears to sue his perpetrators…

Here’s a low-down on who, what, how, when, why on Liu

Who is Liu?

According to http://wap.zdface.com/1/450/100888_all.html , Liu’s  god father, Mr Chen Shan hails from a rich family, and Chen Shan’s dad is none other than Mr Chen Yu Hai a real estate investor or tycoon who has a net worth of 1 billion. Despite his  wealthy status, the elder Chen is a philanthropist and donates to several fund raising programs and he even makes regular contributions to the Red Cross Society. With much said about Liu’s god-father, we can imagine the wealth that Liu has and he is definitely living in pure luxury! With much said about the Chen family and their relationship with Liu, this is just one of the speculation that netizens assume from the postings by Liu.

中国蛇精男刘梓晨被殴打China Snake Boy01get beaten up

How, why and what?

Liu shot to fame with his “heavily surgeried” face and his love for flaunting his body and luxury lifestyle. He started a controversial or unpleasant (whichever audiences prefer to view it in) statement about Singapore and Malaysia,  in which he offended netizens in both countries.

For instance, Liu commented that he despises Singaporeans as they have a poor command of the language, Mandarin and despite his poor command of the English language he believes that he is still “superior” in the language as compared to Singaporeans.  He even commented in a “check-in” at Singapore Changni Airport on Facebook that he hated the airport as he deemed the place as inferior class.

中国蛇精男刘梓晨被殴打China Snake Boy05get beaten up

In an earlier saga, Liu claimed that netizens from Malaysia have been provoking him with their postings on his facebook page and lashed back to the Malaysian netizens.

Translated from Liu’s post: ‘I will survive this ordeal with a positive attitude and mindset. I wish to thank  all my supporters. I will be undergoing aesthetic surgery to get my chin “fixed” tomorrow as it has been badly beaten out of shape by the mobs and its going to cost me money again”

中国蛇精男刘梓晨被殴打China Snake Boy02get beaten up

Here’s the reply from netizens, a meme of Liu. Now doesn’t his face resemble that of a mango?

中国蛇精男刘梓晨被殴打China Snake Boy04get beaten up

中国蛇精男刘梓晨被殴打China Snake Boy03get beaten up

What do you think of Liu?

Has he been manipulating netizens to gain his social media fame?

Considering that he has been beaten up quite badly, is Liu deserving of sympathy from netizens’; despite his previous actions and statements?

Is it a Yay or Nay that he got beaten up?

Share your thoughts and comments with us!

Picture sources:蛇精男-刘梓晨的唯一私人小号和Shanghaiis Facebook

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