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World Suicide Prevention Day-Best friend of 18 years gave up his life

World Suicide Prevention Day Best friend of 18 years gave up his life

Today’s post is a little different than the usual, and it’s going to be damn wordy. Mind you.


When I was in school, I wasn’t really academically smart, and I want really good in talking and pronouncing words. My dad used to train me and force me to read three newspaper everyday – An English paper (The Star), A Malay paper (Berita Harian) and a Chinese paper (Nan Yang San Bao) OUT LOUD. On a side note, after reading for five years, I know what day is what edition. Lol

Well, I used to. Until Facebook became the thing in 2007 and I started college, away from home. I stopped reading the papers. But nowadays, you get the news instantly on Facebook before the newspaper gets it printed out as well. And one thing I’ve noticed is – people committing suicide.




“I hesitated for quite some time if I should put my thoughts in here and two weeks ago, my brothers best friend of 18 years gave up his life.”

Whenever a news like this circulates around Facebook, you see many comments such as Stupid!! Why wanna kill yourself!! Why so dumb! Wasted your life. You still young! Why do this? You would have such a great life ahead. But nobody – nobody, knows how it was for him. _World-Suicide-Prevention-Day001  You hear the side of the story from reporters and rumours, but you don’t know his side of the story, you don’t know what pushed him to the cliff. You only heard one side of the stories that were assumptions. Many of us assumes and thinks he took the easy way out. Whenever you fall, you’ll get up again. But many people don’t understand what was in his mind. And everyone calls him “crazy”, “problematic”, “mental issues” and all sorts of names that makes it works because he was in depression. Depression is a serious issue that nobody takes it seriously. People now call it “stress”, “life”, “emotional (emo)”. Some people might even call them attention seeker. Although most depression cases don’t end with suicidal, but it increases the risk and there is a possibility of chance – and the numbers are rising.      _World-Suicide-Prevention-Day009         _World-Suicide-Prevention-Day006 A person living with depression does not always have the same thoughts as a healthy person. This chemical imbalance can lead to the person not understanding the options available to help them relieve their suffering. Many people who suffer from depression report feeling as though they’ve lost the ability to imagine a happy future, or remember a happy past. Often they don’t realize they’re suffering from a treatable illness, and seeking help may not even enter their mind. Emotions and even physical pain can become unbearable. They don’t want to die, but it’s the only way they feel their pain will end. It is a truly irrational choice. Suffering from depression is involuntary, just like cancer or diabetes, but it is a treatable illness that can be managed.        


My brother blamed himself for not being able to save his very own best friend despite receiving a call an hour before his friend ended his life.

As heart-breaking as it sounds, the one and only person that would be affected the most are the family and best friends.

I can’t put them out in words, but Anna Akana – listen to her and see what she has got to say.

With everything, I feel that the society now shouldn’t take our friends or people’s emotional jokingly. If you are going through something that you feel you can’t talk. You can call: SOS Suicide Prevention Centre : 1-800-221-4444

We are here for you, no matter what happens.

p/s. I know everyone has to face death, but sometimes I just feel that’s it’s so sad that there could have been a way to stop it.



And finally, for those of you who think that it’s weak to seek help….think again. It takes strength to say, “I need help”. Those who are dealing with difficulties, be strong! Give life a chance!



Suicide claims more than one life in Singapore every single day. We know talking about viagraoverthecounter.biz it helps, but it can b difficult to broach the subject. Which is what this plaster is for . Just stick it on your inner wrist on 10 September , World Suicide Prevention Day , and share it with the world. When someone asks you why it’s there, talk to them about how they’re feeling. Because the best way to start a conversation is simply by asking, “How are you?”


SOS Suicide Prevention Centre : 1-800-221-4444

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