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Skechers Sundown Festival 2015

Asia bands united on 21st Nov 2015 for Skechers’s Sundown Festival 2015 on Saturday night as the various bands and singers performed an out of this world concert at the F1 Pit Area at Marina Promenade.

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Local singing sensation, Cheryl Loon started raving up the crowd with self written tracks, which includes a song written for her late cousin, ‘Dancing with Angels’.

Skechers Sundown Festival 2015Skechers Sundown Festival

Next on was Faraggo, a Singapore based indie rock band that comprises international members from Singapore, Japan, the UK and Australia. This indie band livens up the atmosphere with their vibes of positivity and the crowd was going gaga!

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Wow, the Japanese bassist 「 Miwa Furukawa 」look so cool!

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Performing the finale for the fringe act was Cashew Chemists. “ First kiss” and “Mountains” brought their diehard fans jumping for joy despite the cloudy skies and we were positive that the rain wasn’t going to dampen the spirits of the Skechers Sundowners too as the International Bands and Artistes at the back stage were all ready to bring Skechers Sundowners to a notch up!

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Excitement and laughter echoed throughout the crowd as Taiwan Band, Ground Zero/ 放射空間 sang from their album Simple life/簡單生活, the song that caught our attention -大海之名 /Children Of The Sea. A song sang in Taiwan local dialect or 闽南语. This song amplifies the heartfelt messages from Taiwanese farmers to the world.

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Ground Zero, Let’s Rocks!

The stage lights shone more vibrantly as the sunsets and evening approaches. However, darkness wasn’t approaching for Skechers Sundowners. They were in fact getting ready to loose their head and to “ Welcome the Ironists!’ It is none other than Caracal, Singapore’s best post hardcore band that made a female screamed in excitement during Caracal’s performance at Skechers Sundowners 2015!

Skechers Sundown Festival 201512246841_744940642278855_708455424020184737_n 04

Indonesian band, J Rocks – was definitely a “smooth operator” in our definition as the transition from Caracal’s performance to J Rocks was so good that it didn’t left us high and dry! In fact we got even more hyped up with the Japanese-styled sound performance. Iman, the lead vocalist of J Rocks brought us back to the cruel reality- the current terrorism acts in different countries.

He continued his speech by stating that terrorism attacks are not in any sense related to any religion, in which the crowd gave a firm “Yes” to his statement. Of course a J –Rocks performance won’t be complete if they didn’t perform their hit singles “Fallin in Love” Our favourite surprise has to the final song, a J-Rocks rendition of Can’t Take My Eyes off You, first sung by Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons.

“Those raindrops are fallin’ on my head, they keep fallin’

But there’s one thing I know

The blues they send to meet me won’t defeat me

It won’t be long till happiness steps up to greet me”
– Lyrics from Raindrop keep fallin’ on my head.

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And our happiness came, in the form of INKT, the five-member Japanese

Band. Rain or shine, I guess it didn’t matter from the way the crowd cheered and the screaming fans went when Koki Tanaka gave his suave move – swaying his hair back and forth and oooh who can ignore the cheeky and cute tongue sticking action from him too!

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Next was Potato, a renowned Thai Rock band, probably the head turners of the festival. With songs after songs, we were glad that we finally got to witness the live performance of our favourite song, Tur Yung /Do you still? The Live performance has simply got this song etched in my mind and got me humming the tune even after the concert! Although we didn’t understand much of the thai language, with the words “Khopkhoonkhap”, we knew that their wonderful performance has ended despite the hoards of screams.

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Who Next?!!!

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Anyohaseyo! It’s none other than Epik High from Korea that will end the exuberant Skechers Sundown Festival 2015. Epik High performed a great mix of their latest hits as well as older songs. We were hip hopping and with the limited space and we literally felt like doing a handstand hip-hop move to get into the groove of the rhythm!

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Skechers Sundown Festival 201511986413_744945315611721_5099907983162473638_n 01

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With the difference in weather, Epik high were dousing themselves with bottled water to cool off while performing! They too tried to keep the fans “cool” by dousing bottled water to the crowd!

Skechers Sundown Festival 201512295345_744944802278439_8607030191960786373_n 18

With the usual encore requests from the crowd, Epik High ended with their last performance, “ Don’t Hate Me.” This got everyone hoping and the event ended on a great note too!

photo credits : Skechers Sundown Festival Official

Special thanks to the organizers of Sundown Festival 2015, Skechers.

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group pic

photo credits: Yong Hong Peng

And of course, The Red Planet Group for the exclusive invitation.

You peeps rock! Till we meet again in 2016!


Chinese Article by Yuki Ng: http://iamyuki.com/skechers-sundown-festival-2015-音樂節

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