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Malaysian Burbs Part 2

Day 2:

Sungei Lambing has a slew of activities for one to explore. Museums, Sungei Lambing Tin mine, ATV rides and bicycles to rent, 4-wheel drives to the Double Rainbow waterfall, puffing up Paranoma Hill to catch the sea of clouds, exploring traditional shops and hanging bridges are just some of the attractions here.

There is an organic durian farm around that we didn’t even get to explore. Although we slept pretty late the night before, some brave-hearted souls from our party wanted to scale Paranoma Hill at 5 am. The hill is a 3 /10 in terms of difficulty but with primary school kids, it becomes a 5/10 especially when the ground is wet. Nonetheless, they made it up in good time. The view was pretty and it was a great early morning workout. By the time they got down, they were famished. We ventured down to the only market in town for breakfast. The town is pretty subdued as it was a weekday. The one thing that most stalls serve is the famous Sungei Lambing noodles. We ordered from different stalls to try a variety of cooked noodles. Yong Tau Fu with Sungei Lambing noodles. Dry with yong tau fu in clear soup or curry. Both are decent. They serve a homemade soft steam tofu. That is a must-try. Melts in the mouth.



Sungei Lambing noodles with yong tau fu.


The char kway teow with the accompanying chilli was delicious. We tried a mee kachap version of the noodles from a different stall. Worth every bite. And, for those who need a caffeine fix, the coffee was thick and aromatic. After breakfast, we went in search of a bridge to cross. There are a few but some are deemed unsafe to cross.



We made it to one that the locals recommended. And it led us to an adventure on the other side. We discovered a noodle factory. We were just in time to witness the busy hands at work kneading the noodles that supply the stalls at the town center.

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Skills of the noodle master being handed to his future generations. A family business


We spent about an hour exploring the shops. 3 to be exact. We were full when we left the wet market but we were stuffed when we left the 3 shops. Typical Singaporeans?


Tsk Tsk…. We have left the city but the city hasn’t really left us. Technology time!


We then visited the museum to read about the rich history of the land. With primary school kids, they start to appreciate places where they get to read more about what they are looking at. The old artifacts, with the written descriptions, enrich their history knowledge. Ms Tan brought us to a little coffee shop for lunch. The pork belly yam dish was finger licking good. The rest were decent. I was very grateful that Sungei Lambing sold Chinese food. I love spicy food but because we had young children with us, it was hard to suitable food for them. Malay food can be found almost everywhere in Kuantan but they usually offer spicy food. Even the non spicy version had a tinge of spiciness to it.



Traditional Hainanese yam and pork. Haven’t found worthy version in Singapore


Malaysian Hokkien mee. Sinful yet divine.


After lunch, before we bade goodbye to Sungei Lambing, we made a trip to the worlds’ longest tin mine. It was burning hot when we got there but once inside the mine, it was cool, almost cold. We walked around reading about the history. Standing the caves and tunnels made by the miners, I can only stand in awe of how great man can be. How they discover the minerals and metals hidden in the earth or how they figure out uses for these resources. With so much discovered, there are still mysteries of this earth that man is yet to uncover. Those, are mysteries, for our children and their children to explore.


Our train driver for the day. We get to have short train ride into the mine



A leaver carriage. Still working. The boys had a great workout. The rest of us, a ride.



The metal train


As the sun begins to set, we made our way to our Impiana Beach Resort, Cherating. Impiana has Malaysian kampong architecture…. That was the deciding factor to book the hotel in the first place. Job hazard, maybe? Impiana is laid out just beside the sea. Every single room has a view of it. Imagine sleeping and awaking to the sounds of crashing waves. The tinge of saltiness on the tip of your tongue and the smell of the ocean on your hair.



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