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The much-awaited DVD/Blu-ray (2015.07.10 ) release of Mandopop’s top girl group S.H.E’s 2GETHER FOREVER ENCORE concert is finally here!


The DVD/Blu-ray features the full setlist of S.H.E’s concert at Taipei Arena on 2014.08.10. It also comes with a bonus DVD which carries the performances of guest Mayday on 2014.08.09, as well as S.H.E’s covers of several “tai-yu” songs during their Kaohsiung concert on 2014.07.19.

Being a S.H.E fan for 14 years

Being a S.H.E fan for 14 years, it was a dream come true to be able to attend their concert at Taipei Arena last year. In fact, I have been to all the three mentioned concerts in Taiwan and it is really amazing to witness the brilliant performances of S.H.E in person at their own country.

There were many heartfelt moments (especially the talking segments), filled with tears and laughter. It was somehow like a reunion of old friends and everyone knew the songs by heart.

As a S.H.E fan, it is a great privilege to be able to watch the girls perform “冰箱” and “記得要忘記” live too. They have not performed these two songs for ages.

Infotainment_002_entertainment_music_concert_she If you are a S.H.E fan, this set of DVD is a must-have. P.S. It also comes with a copy of “老婆” ukulele music score (bonus). Do take note that there will not be any pre-order event in Singapore. Fans will be able to purchase the DVD (comes with the same pre-order bonus as Taiwan’s) on the day of release. Infotainment_003_entertainment_music_concert_she For more information on the release of S.H.E’s 2GETHER 4EVER ENCORE DVD in Singapore, check out HIM International Music’s Facebook page.

Tracklist:1. Opening: 女孩們 (VCR)2. Super Star3. 迫不及待4. 星光5. 他還是不懂6. 還我7. 別說對不起8. 第一個女孩 (VCR)

9. 後來

10. 真的我

11. 第二個女孩 (VCR)

12. 終身大事

13. 無常

14. 第三個女孩 (VCR)

15. 青春是

16. 我的溫柔只有你看得見

17. 看著台上的女孩 (VCR)

18. 星星之火

19. 熱帶雨林

20. 老婆

21. 明天的自己

22. 城裡的月光


23. 冰箱24. 戰鬥吧!女孩 (VCR)25. 宇宙小姐26. Remember27. 中國話28. 波斯貓29. 不想長大30. 天使在唱歌 幸福留言 魔力

31. 閃閃發亮的女孩 (VCR)


33. 愛就對了

34. 天亮了

35. 三葉草的故事

36. 五月天

37. 愛呢

38. 花又開好了

39. 戀人未滿 feat. 動力火車

40. 彩虹 痛快 feat. 動力火車

41. 天空 by 動力火車feat.盧皆興(桑布伊)

42. 美麗新世界

43. 月亮代表我的心


 Bonus DVD: 1. Nothing Ever Changes2. 山頂黑狗兄 愛情恰恰3. 記得要忘記 (希望版)4. 傷心的人別聽慢歌 feat. 五月天5. 離開地球表面 by 五月天6. 2gether 4ever安可場 再安可特區  


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