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Oppein Johore Opening

Introduction to Oppein

Founded in 1994, OPPEIN has grown up to be TOP 5 cabinetry manufacturer in the world. With 10,000 employees and 125 acres manufacture center equipped with advanced production equipment (HOMAG® from Germany), everyday there are thousands of quality cabinets produced in OPPEIN: 1800+ sets of kitchen cabinets, 1200+ wardrobes, 550+ bathroom cabinets and 800+ interior doors.

Since its initial introduction of integrated kitchen concept to China in 1990’s, OPPEIN has been endeavoring on product innovation. In the past 19 years, OPPEIN has become a world-class manufacturer & supplier of integrated kitchens and shared the happiness with millions of families for using OPPEIN’s products across the world.


Oppein Johore Opening 11 July 2015 Oppein Johore is located at the upmarket residential area of Nusajaya. We were greeted with blissful sunshine and multitude rows of greeneries as we entered the Nusajaya estate. Posh and lush will be the words used to describe this sceneic estate. Laughter and joy filled the air as we arrived at Oppein Johore. Children and parents were seen working hard and enjoying a great family time as they work their way as a family at the colouring competition.     infotainment_001_event_oppein The atmosphere was liven up continously, as we were entertained by http://purchasesildenafil.com tradiitonal lion dance.With swift and nimble actions, the lion dance troop soon createed astonishing words like 欧派(Oppein’s name in mandarin) and 兴 ( which translates to luck or good luck) during their performance. infotainment_024_event_oppein   infotainment_021_event_oppein infotainment_022_event_oppein Oppein Johore showroom was given an official opening after the ribbon cutting ceremony by distinguished guests of honour. Drumming up next was a spectacular performance by the traditional Chinese drummers or (24节令鼓)infotainment_026_event_oppeininfotainment_027_event_oppein infotainment_008_event_oppein infotainment_009_event_oppein infotainment_017_event_oppein infotainment_006_event_oppein VIPs were given a tour of the showroom and there to greet all of us was the melodious symphony from mini orchestra and the smell of local traditional food stormed up by NIS Spice Premix from Oppein’s open kitchen. With gourmet food and wine, in a splendor and luxe showroom setting of the kitchen and living room, we felt like we were attending the event in a ballroom. The hospitality did not end here. A manicure station was set for ladies and of course interested gentlemen to have a little pampering session for their nails. We were simply feeling blissful and could not ask for more from a showroom opening!infotainment_007_event_oppein infotainment_014_event_oppein


The finale of the showroom activity was lamb cooking demonstration by a sweet couple. The lamb was baked to perfection with Oppein’s state of the art oven technology. infotainment_013_event_oppein infotainment_031_event_oppeininfotainment_016_event_oppein infotainment_032_event_oppein infotainment_030_event_oppein   Prizes prizes prizes… We were soon led down to the stage again and were greeted by boxes of prizes. Thanks to the perfect hospitality again from Oppein Johore, every guest ended up as a winner in the lucky draw.   infotainment_015_event_oppein  infotainment_004_event_oppein

Aside from your kitchen design consultation, do note that Oppein Johore’s spacious kitchen showroom is now open to the public for cooking/ wine workshops. Do contact Oppein Johore at

Johor Bahru Address:
30A Jalan Hijauan 4, Horizon Hills,
Nusa Jaya 79100, Johor. Malaysia.
Contact person: Cyron Wong
Telephone:+6016723 7133 | +65 9631 1150



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