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'One table all people sitting together' Hashida Garo

‘One table all people sitting together’ 

Hashida Garo

Nimble feet inched silently across the tatami. Bowing deep, then kneeling by the ceramic pots, she steadies herself to start the intricate tea ceremony. Each delicate hand movement measured and perfect. Chanoyu, is more than preparing a cup of tea, it is an art from the heart.

That, is what Hashida Garo is about; from the ambience to the food, to the tea and traditional rituals…. It is the marrying of art with heart.


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At this evenings’ exclusive event, it was swamped with guests sipping soju and nibbling on mini bites personally prepared by Chef Kenjiro Hashida . Hashida Garo, the latest overseas venture for him, after the highly acclaimed Hashida Sushi. Both are located in the heart of the city, Mandarin Gallery. Chef Kenjiro Hashida, or fondly known as Mr Hatch, is not just the son of Tokyo–based legendary Master Sushi Chef, Tokio Hashida, he has breastenlargementlab earned a celebrity status of his own with his culinary skills. He is well known by those of exquisite palates.

The space is minimalist, intimate yet creative. Tatami seating surrounded by white-washed walls and industrial floors, bathed in warm lights. It was set up to host handfuls of people at each time. Perfect for a gathering of hearts over Wagashi, Japanese traditional confectionary, and Japanese bitter macha. But with Chef Hatch at the helm, one can always expect something out of the ordinary. This clean space is also used as a gallery to display art works. Tonight, he was the artist of the works on display.


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With the man himself. Chef Kenjiro ‘Hatch’ Hashida

The carefully arranged mini bites came around in swift succession. The actual menu hasn’t been revealed yet but we had a sampling of his specialties. Every taste was light yet flavorful. What caught my attention were his sweets. They were traditionally Japanese with modern tweaks. The macaroons, the leaf-wrapped yuzu mocha, Yōkan and monaka (a crisp, thin mocha wafer with bean-paste and kaya filling). All these goodness washed down with a potent cup of macha. Bliss!


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 Leaf wrapped yuzu mochi lifestyle_007_food review_hashida garo  


Monaka with my parting soju. An added detailing of the Merlion. Sweet!        


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Too quickly, the evening drew to a close. Here are some highlights that I particularly enjoyed.

  lifestyle_001_food review_hashida garo

The ever-flowing streams of soju. The waiters were filling up my wooden cup faster than I could drink it. I think the smell of the wood brought out a scent that I don’t usually get when I drink sake. Either that or I had a tad too much of sake.  Chabana (tea flowers). Flowers put together for display at a Japanese tea ceremony.  



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In this case, it was an elaborate flower arrangement as a focal point, before entering the restaurant. Honestly, I was a little puzzled by the display of twigs at such a prominent position in the restaurant but I thought it was to go with the minimalist feel. Only after the ceremony, I realized the ‘blooming’ arrival of the flowers and leaves was a kind of ‘birth’ to something new. It was a deep and significant ritual.   


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 Not forgetting the charming tea ceremony.   

lifestyle_008_food review_hashida garo    

Thank you Hashida Garo for the seamless hospitality.


‘Have a cup of tea and forget the cares of this world for the durations of it’ -Anonymous


I will be back again for another cup of matcha.


Hashida Garo

Services: Walk-Ins Welcome, Good For Groups and Take Out Phone: 91593177 Facebook Page Address: 333A Orchard Road #04-16 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897 Location ruth Writer: Ruth

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