GlamPalm Easy steps to creating a great hairstyle by Yuki Ng

Yuki Ng’s loyal readers would all know that my hair is under the professional management of  Jean Yip Singapore. However, it’s impossible to visit the hair salon everyday. So how do I manage to keep my hair (and hey, I’ve natural curls!) in tiptop style all the time? To be honest, the hairdos you see on me regularly- be it an event, vacation photos or selfies- are all done by me. So what’s my secret? Here’s a shoutout to stylists and especially those out there with hard to manage hair! Don’t miss this great product! When you’re transiting from your previous hairstyle, as the everlasting wait for your hair to grow past your shoulder stretches on and you wake up everyday with terrible bed hair… This is the time for our trusty hair assistant — GlamPalm Ceramic Hair Styler! IMG_0827 Here, let me share my past experience with hair curlers or ceramic flat iron:

    • Previously, I’ve tried many curlers and flat iron from your typical beauty products franchises. I went through several different models, be it brand names or otherwise, since they were pretty cheap and I didn’t feel the need to buy an expensive hair beauty equipment. But it all ended in a disappointment and huge waste of money!


    • After visiting a shop which specialises in selling hair beauty products, I bought a pricey ceramic flat iron that did justice to the cash I shelled out. It gave my hair a shine and bounce immediately, and the hairdo stayed in shape for a long time. Although it was fantastic, everyday use resulted in dry hair for me. Two years ago, it waved goodbye and departed from my life (yeah, it was no longer functional by then), and I couldn’t find another ceramic flat iron like it again.


    • Subsequently, I faced dissatisfaction with many curlers and flat irons. If my hairdo collapses within an hour, what’s the point?


    • There was a curling iron that automatically rolls your hair into it and gives you a wavy hairstyle. Call me a worry wart, but the thoughts of having my hair stuck in it were too scary for me to give it a go. I’ve heard of this story about a girl who had her hair caught in the curling iron, and she had to cut her hair off on the spot! Isn’t that horrifying? Besides, the curling iron itself is really bulky.


    • Through a friend, I was introduced to the curling iron below. It’s really not bad, but the learning curve is steep for this. If you’re a newbie in DIY hairdos, it’s probably hard to get a hang of it. I had a hard time manoeuvring it too because of the product design. There are some safety concerns too, especially if you turn up the heat. Just last month, I burnt my forehead! And it has a really large body, so packing it is a problem.2015-02-11 16.06.27



The secret to a beautiful hairstyle: GlamPalm Singapore

GlamPalm has special ceramic plates, which are infused with an exclusive mineral layer, preventing damage to the hair. This special layer in GlamPalm products contains natural minerals. Technology, which utilises infra-red ray and anions, helps in preventing damage and also gives your hair a bouncy, beautiful shine. With improved efficiency in heat transmission, a satisfying hairdo can be created even with a lower temperature. IMG_0825_ IMG_0821 Finally, a friend recommended GlamPalm, a professional ceramic flat iron originating from Korea, to me. To fit my short hair, I chose GlamPalm GP201, which is a smaller model. Photo credits: IMG_0818 Trying it at a low heat setting! It feels like I’m simply brushing my hair, really easy to get the hang of it after a while! IMG_0822_ To create a light and airy hairstyle, just flip your hair up and pull it further away.

Some comments after using GlamPalm GP201


*Reasonably priced *Fits into your hand nicely, safe design helps prevent burns *The bright blue led light shows the heat setting clearly, and with 11 heat settings, you are in complete control of the hairstyle you have in mind *Ceramic plates heat up rapidly, giving you a seamless experience in creating the perfect hair *Classy packaging and easy to pack. It’s lightweight so pack it and you’re good to go! 2015-02-05 16.40.26 2015-02-05 16.29.13


Yuki Ng: How to DIY different Hairstyles with GP201

Neat straight hair with a cute twist. Mess it up a little to show a healthy yet wild look. 2in1 Light and fluffy, a trendy hairstyle. 2015-02-05 17.12.01_straight 2015-02-05 17.16.51 Make the ends of your hair point out for an edgy look 2015-02-05 17.39.50 2015-02-05 17.47.16 To achieve this effect, just twist the ends of your hair and use the flat iron in an outwards motion. Tuck one side of your hair behind the ears and keep it in place with a small hair clip. There, you’re done! 2015-02-05 18.42.43 So, if your budget only permits you to get either a flat iron or a curler, which should you purchase? The answer? Definitely a flat iron. But why? That’s because a flat iron not only straightens your hair, it can create curls too when using the right technique!

Yes, it’s possible to create curls with a ceramic flat iron!!!


Using GlamPalm, I’ll be demonstrating a few simple but crucial steps to create the curls. Remember to place more emphasis on the on the arc of the turn (?) and the angle of your hand — these determines the degree of your curls and how bouncy it turns out! The trick to this is practice, practice and more practice!


A lady-like hairstyle with a gorgeous wave ~ Add a feathery like feel to your hair!

With a motion that follows the shape of a capital J, clip your hair with the flat iron and move it outwards. As you approach the ends of your hair, flip your hair up and release your hair from it. Repeat the steps and you’ll achieve the effect below! 2015-02-05 18.32.34 An elegant and classic hairstyle to match the Chinese New Year! Isn’t this simply poetic? Gather a small bunch of your hair from the top of your head, use the flat iron like it’s a curler, release the iron from your hair after a quick moment. You’ll be able to create cute curls that way! 2015-02-05 18.42.11 For loose hair that are above your eyebrows, just keep it in place with a hair accessory! 2015-02-05 18.39.13

Tips for newbies:

    1. Try each and every heat setting, from low to high. It’s important to know the performance of the product.


  • Turn the temperature to 150-160 degrees and use it on just a small bundle of your hair. Start small and try it until you have enough confidence to handle the high temperature. Eventually, you’ll be able to save a lot more time when styling.



  • You can opt to wear heat insulation gloves.



  • Treat it as you’re simply brushing your hair when practicing at home. Turn it to a low heat setting, and occasionally, bring your hair up before releasing it freely. Familiarise yourself with how different height can create different type of curls, you’ll be able to create a better shine and bounce thereafter.



  • For dyed hair, do remember to use a leave in hair mask…?!, as high heat can cause your hair colour to fade.



  • To sustain the hairstyle for a longer period, spray some hairspray!



  • Watch hairstyling tutorials on YouTube during your free time. Regardless of how complex or difficult a hairstyle is, with effort and practice, you’ll be able to recreate it!



I firmly believe that a great hairstyle contributes a good 50% to your appearance! So try to allocate an extra 10 minutes daily to style your hair, it will definitely score you more points! I strongly recommend GlamPalm Singapore’s ceramic flat iron, it will be a great assistant to equally gorgeous hair. Adios, bad hair days! This is an investment to make yourself even prettier and more stylish! Just look! Even our local blogger queen XiaXue recommends it as well! 10272686_10152427231922431_4768342820068711936_o Photo Credits: Glam Palm Singapore  2015-02-05 17.06.54

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