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Economic View from The Descendant of Sun

What is The Descendant of Sun?

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The Descendent of Sun is a Korean Drama released on February 2016 on KBS2. The drama is about the love story around a doctor and an army captain.

Then what so great about this drama? Isn’t it same as other Korean drama? It is just about love story. NO. You are wrong. I don’t really watch Korean drama. But this Korean drama’s story attracted me. I seldom addict to drama as this drama. Although I am addicted to this drama, I do not overlook the economic value from this drama

1) Product Placement

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Sandwich bar, Korean instant noodle, Korean electronic pot, Korean brand caar cosmetic and clothes are often shown in the drama. Some audience get influenced by this product placement. Do you know that the lipstick that appear in the drama is currently out of stock?

2) China Internet Video Platform

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iQiyi is a video content platform in China. The company bought over the drama copy right for their user to watch. Paid subscribers are allowed to watch the drama first. For normal subscribers, they will need to watch it one week later. As many people get addicted to this drama, the number of paid subscribers increase 50%. iQiyi must be very happy with thier investment.

3) Santorini and Korea tourism industry will bloom again

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Cinematography techniques was used to shot the beautiful scenery in Santorini and Korea. More visitors will be very happy to visit those places.


Finally, the last 2 episodes will be out around 14 April 2016 to 16 April 2016. Most of the Korean drama end happily ever after. Some Korean drama do have very sad ending too. The main protagonist will die. Usually is the female protagonist will die of cancer.I don’t understand why too. Let look forward to the ending episode.


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