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Art & Emotion by Intuitive Artist HuiFong Ng

I apologize for the delay of this article. I was jet-lagged after returning from UK but I took a good rest and now, I am ready to pen down my best thoughts. How should I write? Since this beautiful and gentle Brunei-born artist, Huifong Ng’s art exhibition was themed [Art and Emotion], let me start with my most heartfelt depiction of the wonderful connection art has bestowed on our friendship!

Andrew Chow, the well-known Media strategist, had earlier connected me to Huifong via WhatsApp. When we finally met in September in Singapore, we were both carried right away with conversations surrounding art and our life experiences, so much so that we understood and felt for each other’s art and emotion. infotainment_001_arts_huifong_art_emotion

I had never thought that I would be invited by Huifong to become a character on her canvas and be displayed together with the portrait of the most respected and honourable Founding Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew at her solo exhibition of [Art and Emotion]. I was also invited to attend Huifong’s World Premiere at The Arts House (Old Parliament Lane) from 7th to 9th, November. I felt so lucky and honoured for this wonderful collaboration! Thank you! You made me feel proud!


Knowing that I love to give surprises, she also tried to give me one. Her way of surprising me is telling me, “Tomorrow, I’m going to surprise you oh”! Is there any more surprise? Isn’t she seriously and honestly adorable? Nonetheless, when I’d just received this preview video she made by herself (as she’s not experienced in video editing but tried repeatedly and tirelessly to finish this video on her own), I was touched by her efforts. When she told me that she had spent 40 hours to finish the portrait and I am her subject, how can I not moved by her sincerity?

After 3 years of hard work in producing these paintings, we witnessed the fruit of Huifong’s courage and determination in realizing her dream. Finally on 6th November — the day to her most important journey arrived!



The invited guests were dressed to their nines for the private Opening Night of [Art and Emotion]. infotainment_002_arts_huifong_art_emotion

I dressed in an elegant gown which was the latest design by IROO to attend this private Opening Night of [Art and Emotion] by Intuitive Artist HuiFong Ng.

Special Thanks To:
Dress & Bag:  iROO Singapore at http://www.iroo.sg
Hairstyle: Jean Yip Hairdressing Plaza Singapura
Make Up: Michelle Ge Na

Excuse me because as soon as I arrived at the exhibition, I went to see my portrait first. (From left) HuiFong, Daphne and Michelle. Thanks Michelle for dolling me up for this photo-taking! I must not look too different from my beautiful portrait, right? Haha…   infotainment_016_arts_huifong_art_emotion

When I see myself being portrayed in another style in 《The Portrait of Yuki 》, I felt honoured and this emotion was beyond words can describe. Very touched!

infotainment_004_arts_huifong_art_emotion   infotainment_018_arts_huifong_art_emotion

This pretty young girl was also one of the subjects in Huifong’s portraits. Here, she shared with me her feelings toward her portraits.


Everyone had their attention on this painting of 《Beautiful and the Butterfly》and the little girl liked it very much bactrimsale too. That’s right, a little girl’s portrait painting must be colourful.

Actually, I like this drawing more as it gives me a deeper feeling. Perhaps, art is very objective and subjective.

infotainment_020_arts_huifong_art_emotion   infotainment_013_arts_huifong_art_emotion

This is also one of my favourites, 《Girl with a Flute》 . Little Girl wearing a shy and naughty expression on her face + music = my love.


Need I explain more? These joyful children in the painting of 《Joy》 say it all. Yes, we must live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of simple joy!


Thanks to my dear friend, Terence Chiew for allowing me to use his photos as shared above. Because of attending Huifong’s exhibition, we finally had a chance to take a photo together! infotainment_006_arts_huifong_art_emotion

Since Singapore is the first leg of Huifong’s World Premiere, she had selected to paint the most significant figure of Singapore, the Founding Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.infotainment_007_arts_huifong_art_emotion

Big thanks to my friends who had attended the Opening Night with me. ( From left ) Daphne,Xara Lee, Manami Iwatani and Atsuko Sato (both from Ninja Girls  ).infotainment_003_arts_huifong_art_emotion

And thanks for their support to pose for a memorable photo with my portrait. This was a precious moment!


I was sorry to bid Huifong an early goodbye as I hurried to catch the evening flight. Although I left this wonderful party with a heavy heart, I was very happy to witness the efforts Huifong had made for this Opening Night coming to fruition. To have appreciated each of her artistic works at “Art & Emotion” has been a worthwhile experience, as I continued to wish her success and be happy for her! Everything is worth it! infotainment_019_arts_huifong_art_emotion

Before leaving, I grabbed the opportunity to take a photo of remembrance before my portrait with the artist behind it — the multi-talented Huifong.  infotainment_012_arts_huifong_art_emotion

Of course! Not forgetting to thank Andrew Chow once again for connecting us both. Thank you! I’m very happy to know the both of you, and grateful for each and every beautiful moment!  


Listen to this interview and understand how Huifong became an Intuitive Artist and dreamed to have her solo exhibition.

Interview with Intuitive Artist: Huifong Ng (Part I)

Interview with Intuitive Artist: Huifong Ng (Part II) – Getting Out of Depression

You must hear Huifong’s healing journey of overcoming her traumatic depression. I was in tears listening to it. Although we have different traumas, but I know the heartbreak, the suffering and grievance as well as her self-healing efforts! Compassion is the comfort we can give to a hurt soul, please understand and be more considerate of people’s feelings!


Did you know? The multi-talented Huifong had also gathered her works with her poems in her poem art book, A Cup of Simplicity. The book launch was held during the exhibition.


I was fortunate to read the manuscript before the book was published. Here, I’d written a testimonial:

A story behind a painting,
A painting tells a story.
As I admire Huifong’s art while contemplating on her words; the journey between each line whisks my imagination into her stories whereby a painting and a poem interweave so beautifully to unfold an authentic masterpiece.

The personage on the canvas lives in that most precious moment of his life’s story but as time fades, so will memories. With Huifong’s artistic talents in expressing emotions, the story and the personage will leave a momentous memory to which will breathe life to the painting as it lives on.

Is this a painting? I say this is a story shared from the heart as the artist delicately shares with you about the persons, the stories and the sentiments of her life that have breathed their existence, which she readily expresses in her art.

Have you listened to it? Do you feel it?


Please support this multi-talented and beautiful intuitive artist now! To keep in touch with Huifong,

Website: http://www.huifongng.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/huifongng.artist
Instagram: http://instagram.com/huifong_ng
Email: huifong@huifongng.com


HuiFong Ng bk

Translator: HuiFong Ng

Yuki Ng bk
Writer: Yuki Ng

Read chinese article: 情感与艺术直觉系画家黄慧芬

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