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7 business strategies to Catch 'em all !

Ride on the wave and allow us to “WAO” business owners with 7 simple strategies to Catch em all !

If you have been on another planet and have not caught on the news or action on Pokémon Go, allow us to take you through the basics of Pokemon Go.

o Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng09神奇宝贝

We shall skip the mundane steps of character creation etc. So here’s my agony when it comes to choosing my team and with a quick character analysis test via Facebook, I was being prompted to go with Team Mystic! Big Hi to all my Team Mystic team mates reading this!

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng11神奇宝贝

Now that we are done with the team, we got to get ourselves familiar with Pokemon terms

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng10神奇宝贝

PokéStop – A place where Pokemon trainers replenish their items such as Poké balls, raspberries, potions…etc . To sum it all up, items that are needed to catch the Pokemons.

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng03神奇宝贝

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng08神奇宝贝

Gym – A place where Pokemon trainers select their best Pokemon and place it in to vie against the opposing Pokemons.

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng16神奇宝贝

#1: A snippet info on PokéStop

Niantic has since stopped the application for businesses applying to be a Pokestop. Which leaves us with the following options…

#2:Have a Pokemon PARTY at your place of operation
Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng06神奇宝贝

Post shout outs on your business Facebook page and encourage customers to share their Pokemon catching experiences in return for an attractive discount or even complimentary items!

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng35神奇宝贝

Post Pokémons found in your business operation venue and highlight rare Pokemons found and with trainers swarming in, it translates into dollars.

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng32神奇宝贝

Encourage Pokemon trainers to share their funny moments on their social media channels as well to name their Pokemons after unique characteristics of your business. For example, House of crab encouraged their customers to rename Krabby as Chilli Crab. This in turn makes a perfect advertisement for your products once trainers post their Pokemons on their social media channels.

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng13神奇宝贝

#3: Free WIFI

Aside from Free WIFI, offer charging stations for Pokemon catchers’ phones and place a signage outside your place of operation. With this strategy, customer will stay for a longer duration at your business and it equates to an increase order of  your products/ service.

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng57神奇宝贝

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng55神奇宝贝


#4: Tag it and Check em in

Encourage Pokemon catchers to #hashtags and check in their pictures with your name of and venue of your business operation.    For example, ION orchard encouraged shoppers to tag #IONgraphy on their FB or IG postings and Walmart encourage check in with trainers informing others on the  abundance of Pokemons appearing in Walmart. These actions in turns increases awareness of your brand which in turn increases sales.


Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng20神奇宝贝

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng17神奇宝贝

#5: Smile Pokémons you are on camera!

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng56神奇宝贝

Encourage Pokemon trainers to capture Pokemon in interesting places, which often makes a humorous picture along with great captions. The photos also serve as a showcase of your product or service that your business offers which in turn leads to product awareness and thereafter a sale in the product especially if your products are colourful and “post-worthy”

#6: Sharing

Encourage Pokemon trainers to share pictures on their Instagram or Snapchat account

Nothing beats capturing a “Live” telecast that is posted on Facebook as comments on Live feeds receives “Live instantaneous” responses. Instantaneous responses might attract other Pokemon trainers to rush down to your business operation as soon as possible and with #5 done up, business owner are all in to reap the profits!

#7: Capturing Pokémon trainers in action

Won’t it be fun to capture the candid moment of Pokemon trainers in action. Here’s what Resort World Sentosa did… With this video, viewers will perceive Resort World Sentosa as a fun place for Pokemon trainers to be at and to work in as the person being video works for Resort World Sentosa. Now ain’t that a great video to “kill two Pokemons in one ball”…

Pokemons are great for the Non -profit organisation,  Animal Shelters and even kids with special needs but perhaps not so for pets.. LOL

Get Pokemon trainers to walk the shelter pets to earn the mileage that are needed to hatch the eggs.

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng24神奇宝贝

Kid with special needs got all hyped up and this got him interacting with other Pokemon trainers… You go Pokemon Kid!

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng21神奇宝贝

Dear Pokemon trainers… Do not “over walk” your pets to get the mileage needed to hatch the egg … LOL

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng12神奇宝贝

Network provider that are all out to catch em all ! 

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng33神奇宝贝

Printing em all! Printing businesses rejoice as signages and printed t-shirts will be in demand!

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng30神奇宝贝

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng18神奇宝贝

Thinking of a career switch? Perhaps its time to GO the Pokemon way …

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng25神奇宝贝

Be a full time Pokemon catcher ~ Start writing your guide to the rest of the Pokemon trainers and start monetizing by charging ad space on your site!

Start an Online business ~ Have a Q&A on Pokemon and giveaways to your customers which increases sales of your products or services.

Be a Pokemon creator  ~ Showcase your Pokemon work of art from food to anything under the sun. These delightful creations are bound to be “post -worthy” which in turn provides awareness to your products or services.

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng05神奇宝贝

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng34神奇宝贝

Be a Pokemon Nail manicurist ~ You don’t need to be Picasso to create a work of art on your nails! Example: Art Pro Malaysia sells their nail art printing machine by crafting Pokemon print on-s for their machines which in allow manicurists to create work of Pokemon art on their customers’ nail in a jiff !

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng02神奇宝贝

Be a Pokemon gadget inventor ~Create a Pokemon gadget that allow trainers to slide that Poke ball or create an invention that help trainers to walk a mile lesser to hatch those eggs.

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng22神奇宝贝

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng23神奇宝贝

Be a Pokemon event organizer ~Create a Pokemon event or competition in mini or large scale. Perhaps you could be the next organizer for Pokemon Go Asia championship event!

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng42神奇宝贝

Be a Pokemon tour guide ~Conduct road trips for Pokemon trainers and have a tour around your country where Pokemons are being spotted.

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng40神奇宝贝

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng58神奇宝贝

Conclude em all

Pokémon Go might be just a passing phase or they might just be here to stay. Either way, we say build up on the business ideas related to Pokemon, ride on the wave, catch em all and perhaps ditch that boring JOB you got now ! LOL ..

Ponder hard on your business ideas and career path peeps… and GO Poke dollars !!

Pokémon Go business Yuki Ng19神奇宝贝


Watch Granny-Mon in action! You go Grans! If only granny is in Team Mystic!

Special thanks to  楊鴻鵬 HP | HpilitySG |  for provision of his image as a Pokemon Trainer and screen shot for example of network provider.

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