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Flowing in Florence – Part 2

Flowing in Florence – Part 2 《Places of Interest》 Besides works from the art masters, another beauty in the City of Art is the sunset. The sunset in Florence is beautiful beyond words. During my stay here, I will visit the sunset on the bridge whenever I can. I’ve taken …

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Flowing in Florence – Part 1

Flowing in Florence – Part 1 The flickering fire on the candle casts a dancing shadow on my book as I am writing this. My train of thoughts stops as I notice the dancing shadow colliding with the moving shadow of my hand as it writes. How beautiful this collision …

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I Am Huifong Ng

About Huifong Ng   Multi-talented Personality – Painter, Poet, Photographer, Author, Speaker and Linguist “Being an artist is not as simple as being only able to paint, but also the willingness to create his own interesting journey by taking the roads less traveled. This is essential because the story of …

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