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No 1 selling Probiotics Brand Duolacsg SG and Korea

I was invited to a media launch of Duolac Singapore on last month.

The theme I supposed would be Korean-ish vibe since Duolac is from Korea. The venue was nicely set in a cozy bar in Tan Quee Lan street called Joo bar. Well, I been there before and spend several intoxicated nights there. 🤦‍♀️


In the event! First thing other than a huge poster of Belinda Lee and the actual person herself!
She wears a beautiful exotic dress by Alice and Olivia. And omg, her skin is glowing! I have to say I’m jealous.


Belinda Lee & Celebrity dietitian Bibi Chua ( photos credits: Belinda Lee)

WellI i did find some comforting points when I spotted a makgeolli mixing bar!
We were treated with makgeolli and different mixers. Yuzu, green grape, passion fruit, you name it, they got it.



The event eventually commences with a QnA with Belinda Lee. She shared about her career and her life in a really candid manner. Throughout her QnA session, it was really motivating with her views on life.

She shared her experience traveling and of course on the importance of probiotics and the lack of knowledge about them.

Probiotics, of course, is not a common supplement that Singaporean actually takes. Having irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) myself, it’s quite a torturing experience every time I’m traveling overseas. It worsens with stress and anxiety which is a pretty awful feeling.

And good thing for me now, Duolac came up with Duolac travel to help with relief the anxiety of me traveling.

Next is QnA session with BIBi Chua, a dietitian from raffles medical. She shared about the benefits of probiotics, and of course, I’m interested in the beauty related effects because probiotics other than promoting a healthy gut health, helps to eliminate the bad bacteria and toxins that can damage your skin and cause early signs of Aging!


The take home is a beautiful “bojagi” wrapped press release products.
Too pretty for me to open them!


And of course tips and different way of taking them!
Bibi like to take hers nightly and Belinda likes to take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 at night.



To celebrate the launch, Duolac care is now on 50% sale at readily available at Watson’s, Guardian and unity until May!
** PRICE: SGD120 for 60 tablets /box.
Currently 50% off (SGD60 for 60 tablets /box)

more information, please visit: Duolac Singapore Website | Duolac Singapore Facebook Page

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Pink Wellness Asia-We’re Women Too We care

Pink Wellness Asia-We’re Women Too We care

As cliché as it may sound,“its tough being a women”. Work life balance is something that we all try to achieve and in the midst of doing so, we often forget about ourselves.



Are you in the pink of health?

When was your last medical check-up?

What is the “number one cancer” that most women are diagnosed with?

The answer to the third question raised, according to the Singapore Cancer Society, “Breast cancer is the number one cancer among Singaporean women. Each year, over 1,600 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and almost 400 die from the disease.”


Pink Wellness Asia – We’re Women Too, We care.

With so much at risk for women, Pink Ribbon has recently spearheaded a series of breast cancer prevention and care programs for women under Pink Wellness Asia.

To kick start the prevention program for October, Pink Wellness Asia has collaborated with several spa operators in Singapore and will be offering a month of UNLIMITED bust treatments at selected spa operators

Simply follow these easy steps to receive the treatments

  1. Log on to http://pinkwellness.asia/free-unlimited-bust-treatment-singapore
  1. Register and pay a one time registration fee of $10 at selected outlet.


Here’s Yuki Ng’s experience on her bust treatment at Revive Wellness

lifestyle005_pink wellness asia

lifestyle002_pink wellness asia
lifestyle007_pink wellness asia

lifestyle001_pink wellness asia

lifestyle006_pink wellness asia

Yuki was flushing with embarrassment when she started the treatment, however with rhythmic strokes and kneads from the hands of the experienced therapist, only a feeling of relaxation settled in as the therapist kneaded through knotted tissues and tired lymph notes.

Yuki was in amazement as with each precise massage technique, the therapist was able to advise Yuki on certain conditions of her body!

She soon found herself drifting into total relaxation after getting accustomed to the various massage movements, such as soft and gentle to intense and compressive. The slight discomfort felt at times was totally worth it, as she felt totally revitalized after the treatment.


lifestyle004_pink wellness asia

Here are benefits of lymph massage that Yuki learnt from the session:

  1. Maintains the shape of the breast and prevents sagging. Promotes blood circulation
  1. Dispels harmful toxins
  1. Prevents the occurrence of breast cancer
  1. Improves skin’s elasticity and restores the radiant glow in complexion
  1. Balances hormones and prevents hormone imbalance

With all to gain and nothing to lose, set aside precious this web time and make a “date” immediately with any of the partnering spas!


lifestyle003_pink wellness asia

Address Front Desk, Revive Wellness: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Central (above Clarke Quay MRT) #03-48

For Booking an appointment: 6222 0061
Office: 6392 5008 Enquiries: info@revivewellness.com.sg

Operating Hours Monday – Friday: 11:00am to last appt 8:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am to last appt 7:00pm
Sunday & PH: 11:00am to last appt 6:00pm