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20th Emirates Singapore Derby 2015

20th Emirates Singapore Derby 2015

I suppose I was rather out of my mind when I readily accepted the invite to Emirates Derby event. What was I even to do there, considering how the most serious reward-less betting I have ever done in my life was to bet on what the gender of the 4th-in-line British royalty would be (a female, Princess Charlotte, which I was correct) or whether the snobbish woman on the train was carrying a real Hermès Birkin purse (apparently she was, and I was embarrassingly mistaken). That was about as serious as I could go.

The truth is, I have never made any real betting before because to win a bet, especially for derby events, requires you to be somewhat familiar with the dreaded high-school mathematic topic of probability, which I was rather terrible in, and to be familiar with the statistics of the jockey and the horse as well.

So on a hot Sunday afternoon, I clicked my black kitten heels together and made my way to the Singapore Racecourse, towards the Turf Club Marquee! Upon arrival, I was bombed with a delectable spread of feast that almost seemed never-ending and I probably would have stayed there for a prolonged period of time if I were not on an assignment. The food was largely Asian based, with some of my favourites like a perfected clay pot chicken rice and fresh seafood, and not forgetting a beautiful ice-cold longan and white fungus tong-sui dessert—just what we needed for this hot summer!

Infotainment_002_event_eimrates_SG_Derby 2015

Second round of feasting—just look at the amazing food!


Seated down at my designated table with a plate of food before me, I soon realised that not only was I able to witness some serious horse racing, I also given a chance to do a derby betting as well. But as expected, I had zero clues on choosing the winner for each race. There was a rather helpful betting list that had tabulated the possible winners as predicted by our local news group. Looking through it, I could follow suit and bet on the scientifically calculated predicted winners… or I could simply pick my choices based on just how hilarious the horses are named. No guessing for what I finally decided on and if I even won…

Infotainment_005_event_eimrates_SG_Derby 2015

Selecting the horses to bet on based on my preference for funny names…

Midway through my meals, it hits me that I could actually go out to see the horse and its jockey in action. So armed with my white wine, I made my way out to do just that. Truth be told, the whole event hasn’t been all that exciting to me till this point—where you see just how close each of the jockeys are vying to outrun each other, and at that moment, I couldn’t help my usual quiet self but to cheer loudly for the one that was just inches away from the leading jockey—even if it wasn’t the horse that I had betted on, the competition was simply exhilarating!

Infotainment_001_event_eimrates_SG_Derby 2015

So close!

Infotainment_003_event_eimrates_SG_Derby 2015

The weighing of the jockeys after the race to ensure a fair match!

As a guest to the event, we were given a chance to view the remaining races from Singapore Turf Club’s private function ballroom at the 4th floor, high above the racetracks, with a stunning view that stretches as far as one could see.

Infotainment_004_event_eimrates_SG_Derby 2015

Beautiful view from visit up above


Sipping my drink, I glanced at the races that were happening and realised what an eye-opening experience it had been. I have to admit that the whole surrounding was rather overwhelming for a first timer! Every one of the guests invited to the Emirates Singapore Derby had some sort of past experience with betting and derby events, while I had none. It was a pity I never won any of the betting, but it was nonetheless still a rather intriguing moment. Being a jockey is a dangerous career after all, one that requires dedication, commitment and the understanding of the physical risks that could ensue. Even if you’re not one who’s keen on betting, just being in the presence of seeing how serious the jockeys are and the showmanship of the race was enough to gain anyone’s respect. But to end on a lighter note, if I do return again, I’ll be sure to place my bets on the horses with a scientific backing, instead of basing it solely on their funny names!

Thanks for Emirates Airline and Singapore Turf Club invitation!

more photos :Emirates Singapore Derby 2015


Writer by Victoria Lee

Read chinese article: 阿联酋赛马锦标赛 Emirates Singapore Derby 2015



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I packed my bags and left home to Australia when I was 19 for four years and managed to survived being all alone there with many stories to tell my grandchildren. Being a graduate and professional in design, I found my passion and decided to adventure to the digital media industry after I started my first job as a suit. Digital marketing has really opened up my world with the things that can be done and many people assuming I am being paid to play Facebook.

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Scarless double-fold eyelids and Medial Epicanthoplasty

Scarless double-fold eyelids and Medial Epicanthoplasty

Eyes- The Window to Our Soul

“Les yeux sont le miroir de l’dme.”, The translation of this French proverb means “The eyes are the mirror of the soul.” We believe that having a beautiful pair of eyes potrays a positive impression of a sincere personality.

“Eye” or “Aye”… Our Love Hate Relationship

All women want to look their best. Cosmetic makeup plays wonder to my eyes. It would transform my eyes into a pair of “doll-like” almond eyes instead of a single eyelid looking lady. Many of my readers, close friends and family members commented that my eyes are considerably “ok” or “fine” without make up. The fake pupils contact lenses would enlarged my eyes and helped me to look better. However, the frustration of spending time on creating the perfect eyes with a full blown makeup can be quite daunting.

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery016001

My older sister, Joanne has been relying on double eyelid tapes. On daily basis, she would tape the minute she is awake. She will not step out of the house without any makeup. Long preparation time to get ready finally came to an end for Joanne and I…

The Truth About Joanne and I

Yes, we explored Plastic Surgery… It took us a while to decide the correct Plastic Surgeon. I did my own research as well before seeing any doctors.

The following information are summarized from a few websites. 

Frequently Asked Questions: To Stitch or To Cut?

images (2)

The method of cutting (1)

It is suitable for older/ elderly patient with puffy eyes and droppy eyelid which causes triangular eyes, or anyone who wants a drastic change in eye shape. This process removes excessive eyelid fat and loose skin. In addition, it firms up by sewing the eye tendons directly into the dermis. It has a longer operation duration and recovery period. A cut that is too deep can be disastrous! It will look fake and not balance.

The method of stitching (2 and 3)

It is suitable for a younger person or anyone who wants a subtle change. This is effectively carried out using a stitching method suitable for most people. It is known to have minimum downtime. A lot of fake beautician outlets are doing this procedure at about SGD$2k. However, the disaster comes when the stitching from the beautician broke or uneven double eyelid creases spoilt your looks. Don’t be fooled by a pool of beauty and untrained doctors. Even some of the asthetics doctors are performing such surgeries as well without MOH accrediation. It is very dangerous. Identify the correct accrediated Plastic Surgeons before you do any plastic surgeries. The cost is about the same if not slightly more. It is important to know the correct surgeon to perform such procedure. It will save you additional cost, faster recovery and avoid unnecessary wrath cases.


Centre For Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery

1 Scotts Road, #03-03A Shaw Centre | Tel: 62359911

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery005001_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery006001

Our Solution to Achieve the Desired Perfect Eyes

After much research, we chanced upon a friend who did her double eyelids as well. She recommended the doctor from Center For Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery located at Shaw Centre to look at our eyelids. the doctor, an accrediated MOH Consultant Plastic Surgeon was trained in Korea for Scarless Plastic Surgery and advanced techniques. We also found out his signature korean-skilled procedures are Double Suture Twisted Technique (DST) for Scarless Double Eyelid Creation, Scarless Eye Bag Removal, Breast Augmentation with natural lift and feel, Rhinoplasty Korean Nose Implant, Micro-Nano Fat Grafting to create a subtle and youthful look on the face and Vaser Liposuction for body contouring. Wow, we were quite impressed with his portfolio when we met him. And so, we proceeded our consultation with him.

What Was Recommended by the doctor at centre for cosmetic

We were recommended DST instead of the traditional cutting technique. Fats are removed on the upper fold to create an even crease for the cutting method. It is irreversible. In the event if the fats are removed unevenly, it can look fake and uneven. The downtime can be long and costly. It was not recommended to us since our eyes are not bulging with excessive fats. the doctor at centre for cosmetic also told us that he had modified his DST technique compared to other plastic surgeons. With additional anchor points on the crease, our double eyelids can last for a life time. Unless you rubbed your eyes, the suture would not be snapped. He was assurring when we saw his other patients’ photos. He explained the different procedures required in different situations to achieve the desired results.

Update, the doctor at centre for cosmetic is no longer at Centre for Cosmetic. He now contactable at:

38 Irrawaddy Road #08-36 Singapore 329563
Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Specialist Centre 

Telephone: +65 6690 6818 | SMS/Whatsapp:+65 96416744

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Wednesdays, and Fridays: 1000am – 1800pm
Thursdays: 1000am – 1800pm
Saturdays: 1000am – 1500pm
Sundays and PH: Closed



_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery026026

Low: Open type double-fold eyelids.

Medium: Half-Open double-fold eyelids.

High: Closed type double-fold eyelids.


The height of double-fold eyelids varies according to personal preferences. Celebrities will usually take a high double eyelid fold as it would appear prettier with make-up. A middle or low double eyelid fold looks more natural and suits most asians who goes with little to no make up.

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery023001   _Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery024001

To help us choose our ideal fold, the doctor at centre for cosmetic used a Y-shaped toothpick to preview the desired folds. Low, medium and high double eyelid fold was shown to Joanne. Eventually, being conversative about the drastic change in her looks, she decided on a medium height. As for me, my eyes is considered an epicanthic fold. The epicanthic fold is the skin fold of the upper eyelid covering the inner angle of the eye. It makes the eyes appear smaller and further apart.

I was adviced to do an Epicanthoplasty together with my DST. Epicanthic fold is common among asians. The gap between my eyes seems far apart. Even with the DST alone would not display the best of me. With this combined procedure, I was told that it will enhanced my eyes into more almond shaped, looking wider and more alert. I also picked on a medium fold like my sister.

Examples of Epicanthic Fold


1.Perfect eye with no Epicanthic Fold

2.Slight/ Mild Epicanthic Fold.

3.Moderate Epicanthic Fold.

4.Serious Epicanthic Fold.


Medial Epicanthoplasty The aim of Medial Epicanthoplasty is to open the part of canthus, which is covered by Epicanthic Fold. This will reduce the distance between the eyes. The latest Korean skin redraping method is to eliminate the upper eyelid tissue by sophiscated surgical resection. Any scar created after the surgery can be hidden in the lower eyelid by the skin by using a complete relaxation and re-positioning technique. This will appear scarless with a wider eye looking more like an almond shape. That’s what I did.

2007-03-13 12.24.11

Non-Incision Double Eyelid Surgery Procedure   First step: The Anesthetic Needle

This jab is required to relieve any pain felt by the patient. This will also minimise bleeding and accidental injury during the procedure.  


Will there be any pain/ discomfort during the injection?

My elder sister, Joanna commented that eyelid anesthesia is not painful. Infact, it felt like an ant’s bite. Boldly hearing her feedback, I took the courage when it was my turn. As I have low tolerance over needles, I can’t stand the injection of the anesthesia on the inner canthus. Eyelid anesthesia is a little painful. The pain on my inner canthus made me wanted to punch or squeeze someone that day! The phobia for needle remains even the procedure is over. My advice to my readers, relax yourself during the process, the more nervous you feel, the more tense the muscles and higher chances of oozing the blood vessels.


The Stitching Process

A little tingling sensation was felt when the doctor put a few drops of eyedrops onto my eyes. There wasn’t any pain involved in this process. However, I was slightly nervous as I was conscious throughout his stitching. I sensed the doctor at centre for cosmetic pulling the threads on the eyelids when he stitched on. Every moved was a slight pressure. But there wasn’t any pain or discomfort at all. the doctor at centre for cosmetic sew on the outer eyelid and thereafter on the inside. He created a line from the eyelid and began sewing the fold. At the end of the entire process, I was asked to open my eyes for an assessment. Having it shut for 15 mins, I could barely open when I was asked to. Being sober during the procedure is important as he needs to follow the shape of the fold drawn by consistent checks. A cold compress was placed over my eyes finally and it felt so soothing.


The operation process of Medial Epicanthoplasty

I was nervous about cutting my inner canthus! OMG ! can you imagine slicing my flesh near my eyes. It seems like a scene from one of those gore movies, where the victim undergoes the torture chamber. All I can say about the process? Its just MIND OVER MATTER! Stop your silly imaginations like I did. There was zero pain and I repeat, ZERO PAIN! I didn’t feel a single feeling of pain or discomfort during the operation. My lower eyelid was cut from the inside and thereafter re-drape again using a modified skin. There will be a whiff of a burining smell during the process. Do not panic! The machine and all in the clinic are not going into flames. The smell comes from the burning of the fats near our eye! A cold compression will be given after the entire process. The stitiches are removed after a week.


Postoperative care and medicine

* Do not use force or pull your skin during or after your facial routine. Take extra caution at the eye area. Opt for a simple process during this period if possible, by wiping or gently patting your face with a wet towel.


* Use cold compression often. Compress your eyes for 10 mins every hour if possible. Continue with this process for a week. I got an eye mask with holes so that I can watch my favourite program during the process.

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery026001

* Remember to take the prescribed antibiotics twice a day. Night and day. Pain killers come in handy when dealing with the pain.

* To speed up the recovery process, I bought the antiphlogistic with EXTRA formulation from clinic.

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery009001

* Ointment has to be applied on the stitched are to prevent inflammation.

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery017001


Post op follow up session and removal of the stitch line on the inner canthus

There is still slight swelling on my eyelid but it is still on its way to recovery. Make up can be used on the 7th day. I can finally remove the line of inner canthus. It is not as painful as I imagined and my eyes are obviously brighter and bigger!

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery004001

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery010001

Day 13

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery021001

Famous Celebrity Taiwanese Dancer- Lambo


Day 25

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery008001

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery022001

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery019001

====One Month Later====

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery025001

The swollen eyelid is gone for good within a month and life resumes back to normal. With a pair of beautiful eye, I was literally “back in action” by starring in an advertisement.

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery002001  

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery013001 _Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery012001

====2months later====

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery018001

 Finally, her last year Birthday Wish come true!

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery002029

She gain a lot confident now!

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery027026

Look at my condition, it look so nature!

 _Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery001029

====Before and after surgery====

2 months after surgery:

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery020001

Left -before surgery. Right – after surgery.

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery003001 _Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery015001

The curve of our double fold extended naturally from inside out. The inner canthus looked super awesome. Our round and short eye shape became the perfect almond shaped eye!

Say hello to our pair of captivating eyes!


What makes a good Plastic Surgeon: 

  1. Able to COMMUNICATE well with his/her patient and allow you to get a preoperative


  1. Recognized by the local medical board, MOH authority and possess advance medical skills and a wealth of experience.

  2. Able to follow up with you after the surgery and ensure comfortable recovery after the procedure.

  3. The clinic and the team are hygienic, clean and possess good service skills to the patients.


Total time for the process

Double-fold eyelid surgery can be done within an hour and Medial Epicanthoplasty can be completed within 2 hours.


The price of double-fold eyelids starts from 2300 SGD and the price Medial Epicanthoplasty starts from 2500 SGD.

Address: 1 Scotts Road, #03-03A Shaw Centre. Website: Facebook:   for Chinese article please read at: 无疤痕双眼皮医美微整形记(二)

Connective tissues though they should Also suicidal thoughts or anxiety disorders joint injuries limb. Hiatal hernia when they often have had.

StarHub OhK TV Korea MBC I Am Singer Finale

StarHub OhK TV Korea MBC I Am Singer Finale

A leprechaun must been running around my house, as I have been announced the winner for a pair of tickets to Seoul with accommodation, as well as to catch the live finale telecast of I am a Singer season @ MBC Studios, Seoul.


Last min packing, trip to Change Alley to get the best exchange rate.. etc. All these felt so surreal. Before I knew it, Breast Enlargement Lab – Natural and effectiv… I was at the airport and on Korean airlines to Seoul.

We were greeted by the cold and rainy weather when we touched down. 8 degrees celcius. It was nothing near the forecasted weather that we have googled. Our jackets were relatively insufficient to keep us warm, however our life-savers were the sponsored cashmere scarves by Dreamweaver. Thank God we have brought these.

I am sure most of us would have gotten confectionaries from Lotte. So here we are at Lotte Hotel, Korea’s pride and joy. With its excellent geographical location, linked walkway to the subway, mins to shopping haven, Myendong. We couldn’t ask for more.


Yeouido Park

With the season of spring in Seoul, we definitely couldn’t miss the unrivalled beauty of flowers in bloom. So off we were to Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival (봄꽃축제) at Yeouido Park.


The sight of flowers in bloom, the melodious chirping along with the gentle streaming sound of water soothes away the languor within us.


“Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities of the world.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1844

This quote totally sums up the sight and beauty of the scene at Yeouido Park.


The weather really hadn’t really been great. We were greeted with drizzle when we approached our next destination, Banpo Hangang Park & Bridge Rainbow Fountain. To our dismay, the organizers canceled the show.
What a way to end day one!!

N Seoul Tower (N 서울타워)


After our”breakfast fuel”, we were off to N Seoul Tower (N 서울타워)  where Yuki “recharged her fuel for her Love life, ” with a love lock at N Seoul Tower.





travel_006starhub_korea_i_am_singer travel_005starhub_korea_i_am_singer

We were both mesmerised by the multitude colours of the love locks that seemingly reflect the colours of the flowers in bloom as well. With locks upon locks on the railings, Yuki finally chose her “ fengshui spot” for her love lock. Let’s just keep it there and Love will come “locking” for her. travel_008starhub_korea_i_am_singer   travel_018starhub_korea_i_am_singer


The finale of I am a Singer season 3

Saving the best for last. The much awaited moment arrived. We were finally at MBC studios to catch the finale of I am a Singer season 3. The line up for the finale was rock solid, any K POP fan would have been enthralled to catch veteran k pop singers such as Yangpa, Park Jung Hyun ( Lena Park) and Kim Kyung Ho.

Round one- The duet round.

Lena Park forayed onto the stage in an amazing bright red evening gown and gave us a euphonious ballad duet, titled Some with Kim Bum Soo. Some was initially sung by Soyu (SISTAR) & Junggigo (ft. Lil Boi of Geeks). However the ballad rendition and the on stage chemistry by Lena Park and Kim Bum Soo totally captivated the audiences.

Thereafter, Yang Pa rocked the audiences in her sexy little black shorts. With her chic, sexy smart casual dressing, she performed Red Glow with Ha Hyun Woo. This duo has definitely gotten the audiences rocking and tapping their feet along with the fast moving tune.

Shin Huo Bum and Kim Kyung Ho, along with his signature ruffled yet neat looking hair calmed the audiences down with “Farewell Story.” Their well-pitched voice definitely brought out the emotions and audiences started to sway and hum along to the tune.

Round Two-Solo round

Contestants went solo in round two and audiences were entertained continously with their well-modulated voices.  Kim Kyung Ho performed Everyone, Thorn Tree by Yang Pa and The Desert Island by Lena Park. The results? Nah… it wasn’t revealed on the spot. Let’s keep the suspense on going if you are still unaware of the results, or better still, subscribe to OhK Tv on Starhub to catch the re-runs. We highly recommend any avid fan of all things K-POP to subscribe too!!


Although we weren’t the ones performing on stage, the rhythmic growls from our tummy were trying to compete with the contestants too. So what’s a better way to satisfy our hunger ? Korean BBQ with Soju! With well marinated succulent meat and the sweetness from soju, one can’t help but to go ahhhhhh and burp with great satisfaction. With this, we concluded our trip with Starhub and OhK TV


Special thanks goes to StarHub and OhK TV
Last but not least, check out the exquisite Dreamweaver cashmere and silk scarves worn by Yuki or myself.


Visit Facebook page: Dreamweaver 

Daphne Loo bk
Writer: Daphne Loo

Yuki Ng bk
Read chinese article translated by Yuki Ng : 星和OhK TV韩国MBC我是歌手总决赛

The Songwriters’ Collective

The Songwriters’ Collective

A group of people with different background, due to a common interest and dream – Music – gathered at FM Pop Music School to learn how to be a melodist/lyricist. The course was led by renowned musicians such as Singapore Hit Awards Winner Lyricist Xiaohan; and both Eric Ng and Jim Lim.

The Song Writers Collectiveteachers 04

Based on my understanding from this class of students, there are those who view the course as a stepping stone to join the music industry and become full time musicians! There are also others who simply love Chinese pop music, and bear hopes that they may one day write songs for their idols! And there are also the ambitious bunch, who aspire to be like the course tutors and create outstanding music which can not only make Singapore proud, but let the whole world listen.

We accepted the 9 months’ worth of professional training course, and in the blink of an eye, the days passed, and we finally graduated on 14 Feb 2015!

The Song Writers Collective11070898_433632896810972_4327423980277702382_n 01 Although everyone had different expectations, we do however recognise that melodists and lyricists in this line are made rather passive. Until our works are officially shortlisted by the publishing house or any singer, all we could do is to wait patiently. So when exactly will our works be heard, we ponder?

Maybe we should not wait anymore! Our creative soul cannot be stopped, our passion cannot be turned cold, our dreams cannot be forsaken…


The Song Writers Collective11082473_433632870144308_6273179235808334199_n 02The Song Writers Collective11128193_433632903477638_3031025175670221580_n 03

all photos credits to: FM Pop Music School

That’s right, even if our works have not been officially shortlisted, we just want to be the real Singapore melodist/lyricist! All the participants of [The Songwriters’ Collective] wants to share their original music with you!

The process of preparing for this melodist/lyricist original music showcase is rather interesting. The melodists compose suitable melodies based on the lyricists’ set of ready lyrics; or lyricists empower stories to the melodists’ ready melodies. This is a beautiful beginning, wonderful collaboration and everyone is aligned to ignite the fire of original music!

Does it sound like a major match-making project for this big bunch of melodists/lyricists? Apart from ‘looks’ (lyrics) which should soothe the eyes, we also need a good ‘feel’ (melody), coming together definitely calls for fate and chemistry! The upcoming showcase is just like a ‘wedding event’ after successful match-making! It’s a “finally-found-my-other-half” kind of happiness!

please click this poster for registration and update event information.


poster design by: Tan Boon Fong.


And so on 22 Nov 2015 (Sunday), we sincerely invite you to join us and witness the fruits of our labour! Hope everyone lends their support to local original music! Cheer for us!

Special thanks to Hood Bar & Cafe for sponsoring the venue and promoting local music.

101meds 1507100_636402713068274_777019138_n

Translated by: Tan Puey Yee
Chinese article: 爱写歌的人 The Songwriters’ Collective

Skechers Sundown Festival 2015

Asia bands united on 21st Nov 2015 for Skechers’s Sundown Festival 2015 on Saturday night as the various bands and singers performed an out of this world concert at the F1 Pit Area at Marina Promenade.

Skechers Sundown Festival 2015thumb_SAM_7734_1024 25

Skechers Sundown Festival 2015thumb_SAM_7731_1024 22

Local singing sensation, Cheryl Loon started raving up the crowd with self written tracks, which includes a song written for her late cousin, ‘Dancing with Angels’.

Skechers Sundown Festival 2015Skechers Sundown Festival

Next on was Faraggo, a Singapore based indie rock band that comprises international members from Singapore, Japan, the UK and Australia. This indie band livens up the atmosphere with their vibes of positivity and the crowd was going gaga!

Skechers Sundown Festival 201512278820_744939542278965_8362023009630404967_n 06

Wow, the Japanese bassist 「 Miwa Furukawa 」look so cool!

Skechers Sundown Festival 201512239571_744940295612223_7787530704542433042_n 02

Performing the finale for the fringe act was Cashew Chemists. “ First kiss” and “Mountains” brought their diehard fans jumping for joy despite the cloudy skies and we were positive that the rain wasn’t going to dampen the spirits of the Skechers Sundowners too as the International Bands and Artistes at the back stage were all ready to bring Skechers Sundowners to a notch up!

Skechers Sundown Festival 201512274397_744940155612237_4519738457267272677_n 05

Excitement and laughter echoed throughout the crowd as Taiwan Band, Ground Zero/ 放射空間 sang from their album Simple life/簡單生活, the song that caught our attention -大海之名 /Children Of The Sea. A song sang in Taiwan local dialect or 闽南语. This song amplifies the heartfelt messages from Taiwanese farmers to the world.

Skechers Sundown Festival 2015thumb_SAM_7747_1024 11

Skechers Sundown Festival 2015thumb_SAM_7765_1024 12

Ground Zero, Let’s Rocks!

The stage lights shone more vibrantly as the sunsets and evening approaches. However, darkness wasn’t approaching for Skechers Sundowners. They were in fact getting ready to loose their head and to “ Welcome the Ironists!’ It is none other than Caracal, Singapore’s best post hardcore band that made a female screamed in excitement during Caracal’s performance at Skechers Sundowners 2015!

Skechers Sundown Festival 201512246841_744940642278855_708455424020184737_n 04

Indonesian band, J Rocks – was definitely a “smooth operator” in our definition as the transition from Caracal’s performance to J Rocks was so good that it didn’t left us high and dry! In fact we got even more hyped up with the Japanese-styled sound performance. Iman, the lead vocalist of J Rocks brought us back to the cruel reality- the current terrorism acts in different countries.

He continued his speech by stating that terrorism attacks are not in any sense related to any religion, in which the crowd gave a firm “Yes” to his statement. Of course a J –Rocks performance won’t be complete if they didn’t perform their hit singles “Fallin in Love” Our favourite surprise has to the final song, a J-Rocks rendition of Can’t Take My Eyes off You, first sung by Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons.

“Those raindrops are fallin’ on my head, they keep fallin’

But there’s one thing I know

The blues they send to meet me won’t defeat me

It won’t be long till happiness steps up to greet me”
– Lyrics from Raindrop keep fallin’ on my head.

Skechers Sundown Festival 201512246702_744941392278780_7224957851790446585_n 03

And our happiness came, in the form of INKT, the five-member Japanese

Band. Rain or shine, I guess it didn’t matter from the way the crowd cheered and the screaming fans went when Koki Tanaka gave his suave move – swaying his hair back and forth and oooh who can ignore the cheeky and cute tongue sticking action from him too!

Skechers Sundown Festival 201512250120_744942322278687_1338485201162604854_n 19

Skechers Sundown Festival 2015thumb_SAM_7774_1024 24

Next was Potato, a renowned Thai Rock band, probably the head turners of the festival. With songs after songs, we were glad that we finally got to witness the live performance of our favourite song, Tur Yung /Do you still? The Live performance has simply got this song etched in my mind and got me humming the tune even after the concert! Although we didn’t understand much of the thai language, with the words “Khopkhoonkhap”, we knew that their wonderful performance has ended despite the hoards of screams.

Skechers Sundown Festival 201512299378_744943645611888_3411185843691905430_n 21

Skechers Sundown Festival 2015thumb_SAM_7787_1024 27


Who Next?!!!

Skechers Sundown Festival 201512249873_744944055611847_4243118519881261350_n 07

Anyohaseyo! It’s none other than Epik High from Korea that will end the exuberant Skechers Sundown Festival 2015. Epik High performed a great mix of their latest hits as well as older songs. We were hip hopping and with the limited space and we literally felt like doing a handstand hip-hop move to get into the groove of the rhythm!

Skechers Sundown Festival 201512278805_744944638945122_2490705001283785786_n 20

Skechers Sundown Festival 201512278773_744945205611732_6766172517202939234_n 17

Skechers Sundown Festival 201511986413_744945315611721_5099907983162473638_n 01

Skechers Sundown Festival 2015thumb_SAM_7793_1024 28

With the difference in weather, Epik high were dousing themselves with bottled water to cool off while performing! They too tried to keep the fans “cool” by dousing bottled water to the crowd!

Skechers Sundown Festival 201512295345_744944802278439_8607030191960786373_n 18

With the usual encore requests from the crowd, Epik High ended with their last performance, “ Don’t Hate Me.” This got everyone hoping and the event ended on a great note too!

photo credits : Skechers Sundown Festival Official

Special thanks to the organizers of Sundown Festival 2015, Skechers.

Skechers Sundown Festival 2015thumb_SAM_7750_1024 14

group pic

photo credits: Yong Hong Peng

And of course, The Red Planet Group for the exclusive invitation.

You peeps rock! Till we meet again in 2016!


Chinese Article by Yuki Ng:音樂節



The much-awaited DVD/Blu-ray (2015.07.10 ) release of Mandopop’s top girl group S.H.E’s 2GETHER FOREVER ENCORE concert is finally here!


The DVD/Blu-ray features the full setlist of S.H.E’s concert at Taipei Arena on 2014.08.10. It also comes with a bonus DVD which carries the performances of guest Mayday on 2014.08.09, as well as S.H.E’s covers of several “tai-yu” songs during their Kaohsiung concert on 2014.07.19.

Being a S.H.E fan for 14 years

Being a S.H.E fan for 14 years, it was a dream come true to be able to attend their concert at Taipei Arena last year. In fact, I have been to all the three mentioned concerts in Taiwan and it is really amazing to witness the brilliant performances of S.H.E in person at their own country.

There were many heartfelt moments (especially the talking segments), filled with tears and laughter. It was somehow like a reunion of old friends and everyone knew the songs by heart.

As a S.H.E fan, it is a great privilege to be able to watch the girls perform “冰箱” and “記得要忘記” live too. They have not performed these two songs for ages.

Infotainment_002_entertainment_music_concert_she If you are a S.H.E fan, this set of DVD is a must-have. P.S. It also comes with a copy of “老婆” ukulele music score (bonus). Do take note that there will not be any pre-order event in Singapore. Fans will be able to purchase the DVD (comes with the same pre-order bonus as Taiwan’s) on the day of release. Infotainment_003_entertainment_music_concert_she For more information on the release of S.H.E’s 2GETHER 4EVER ENCORE DVD in Singapore, check out HIM International Music’s Facebook page.

Tracklist:1. Opening: 女孩們 (VCR)2. Super Star3. 迫不及待4. 星光5. 他還是不懂6. 還我7. 別說對不起8. 第一個女孩 (VCR)

9. 後來

10. 真的我

11. 第二個女孩 (VCR)

12. 終身大事

13. 無常

14. 第三個女孩 (VCR)

15. 青春是

16. 我的溫柔只有你看得見

17. 看著台上的女孩 (VCR)

18. 星星之火

19. 熱帶雨林

20. 老婆

21. 明天的自己

22. 城裡的月光


23. 冰箱24. 戰鬥吧!女孩 (VCR)25. 宇宙小姐26. Remember27. 中國話28. 波斯貓29. 不想長大30. 天使在唱歌 幸福留言 魔力

31. 閃閃發亮的女孩 (VCR)


33. 愛就對了

34. 天亮了

35. 三葉草的故事

36. 五月天

37. 愛呢

38. 花又開好了

39. 戀人未滿 feat. 動力火車

40. 彩虹 痛快 feat. 動力火車

41. 天空 by 動力火車feat.盧皆興(桑布伊)

42. 美麗新世界

43. 月亮代表我的心


 Bonus DVD: 1. Nothing Ever Changes2. 山頂黑狗兄 愛情恰恰3. 記得要忘記 (希望版)4. 傷心的人別聽慢歌 feat. 五月天5. 離開地球表面 by 五月天6. 2gether 4ever安可場 再安可特區  


Rei Lim bk

Writer: Rei

Cambridge Therapeutics Sculptra PLLA Youth Restorative

Cambridge Therapeutics Sculptra PLLA Youth Restorative

The downside of orthodontics treatment
Yuki and I were the victims of sagging cheeks due to orthodontics treatments. My Orthodontics treatment which removed my four teeth, indirectly diminished my once  “plumped up cheeks”



Human body consists of 60% water, 30% protein and 20% collagen. Collagen plays an essential role in supporting the skin structure and it’s elasticity.  Our collagen level reaches its peak before the age of 25, and it drops drastically after that. Therefore, it is advised that one should store as much collagen as possible by way of supplement between the age of 25 and 40.

What causes the disappearance of your plump cheeks?

Other than the congenital deficiency of bone support, the most common causes are genetic or postnatal bone development which causes facial deformities. The loss of collagen and fat due to aging also causes the disappearance of plumped cheeks.

My two daughters love to take selfies, how I wish Forever Young just like two of them! Let me share with you Sculptra in Singapore

About Sculptra ( PLLA )

a. Injection using round needle, no bruises, does not require recovery period, does not affect daily activity
b. Only stays in human body for short period of time, no side effects.
c. It is not protein, does not induce allergic.
d. Filling evenly, there will be no edges or particulate matters remain.

Effective period
It normally last for 2 years after 3 injections.

Pricing and Recommendation / Sculptra cost

$1800 per Sculptra per shot (ala carte price)

How to take care of it?
*No cosmetic on the day of injection
*Remember the golden rule of “555 massage” to ensure the stimulation of the production of collagen by PLLA.
Massage period of 5 days, 5 times daily, 5 minutes each time

Sharing my personal experience

My treatment was conducted by Dr. Lee, from Cambridge Medical Group. Dr Lee visits Italy, Korea and Japan to bring the latest medical technology and devices to Singapore.Dr Lee Mun Heng from Cambridge is the official Sculptra trainer for SEAsia for 2016.


Sculptra clinic




Doctor marks the angle of Korea technique injection on the face. below is USA old technique.



Preparing for injection


Sculptra clinic

Cheek massaging to shape it

Surprisingly, the process was quick and simple! It only took around 15 minutes with no sensation of pain throughout the process at all! It then followed by cheek massage by highly experienced nurses for shaping purposes.

The effect and experience were beyond words! Hello rosy and pretty cheeks!


Woman in their 40, 30, 30, 20, 10! LOL


No downtime! Next day Yuki can go for Jean Yip Singapore fashion hairstyle photo shooting!


Cheeks become plumper after the second injection!



We went Bintan for holiday, without makeup but we still look great!

lifestyle_018_beauty_sculptra_cambridge_medical        lifestyle_003_beauty_sculptra_cambridge_medical

So looking forward for the third injection!

lifestyle_009_beauty_sculptra_cambridge_medical    lifestyle_007_beauty_sculptra_cambridge_medical

The result is really satisfying! my face shape look even, smaller and we both look so much younger now!

lifestyle_020_beauty_sculptra_cambridge_medical lifestyle_021_beauty_sculptra_cambridge_medical

Cambridge Medical Group

391 Orchard Road #08-05A1 Ngee Ann City Tower B Singapore 238874
Tel: 6733 0777 | SMS/Whatsapp: 9155 8869
Operating Hours:
Mon to Wed and Fri: 10am – 6pm.
Thurs: 10am – 8pm.
Sat: 10am – 3pm
Sun and PH: Closed



Translator: Xiao Xin

Donna Ng Bk
Writer:Donna Ng
Read Chinese Article: Cambridge Therapeutics 苹果肌童颜针

Creative Makeover: Transforming Old Furniture into Treasure

Creative Makeover: Transforming Old Furniture into Treasure

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Use your creativity. Anything can be recycled and reused.

I was once a finalist of Singapore Blog Awards 2013 under the Panasonic Best Eco-Challenge Blog category. In line with that, let me share with you some of my thoughts today! I hope that what I share will provide you with some insights on conservation of the environment and living a green life. Let’s do our part in protecting mother earth!

This time, I interview Stephen and Angie. I met both of them in NAFA and they are my seniors (and best friends). We are all fanatics of transforming old items! After getting married, they personally designed the interior of their new home. Both of them love the mixing and matching of different styles and do not wish to limit themselves to any particular theme. When searching for furniture, they found it hard to find things that suit their tastes and preferences. What they were looking for is good design. However, designer furniture comes with a hefty price tag. Other nice, delicately designed furniture they found on market, new or second-hand, were more expensive than what they were willing to pay. Hence, they have decided to use some creativity and restore existing furniture on hand. That was how they started their project on recycling old furniture and giving them a new life! Let’s see how their final work looks like!

Item: transforming old furniture, Husband-and-Wife chair


These two armchairs, about to be discarded by Stephen’s parents, he ‘adopted’ them and brought them home.  Haha!


First, sandpaper was used to remove old paint and make all the surfaces smooth. This requires 6 hours of hard work! You need a lot of patience to do that.


Next, a layer of white paint was sprayed onto the furniture as the base coat.



To assemble the cushion and the back of the wooden chair frame is a very challenging task.


Tada! The completed Husband chair for self! Of course, the completed Wife chair for the lovely wife!


You can use old curtains or jeans to make the cover for the cushions. Otherwise, you could always get your favourite fabrics from Spotlight.


The joy of seeing the completed work of the husband-and-wife duo! A personal space just for him and her. Let’s have tea!

Item: transforming old furniture, environment-friendly coffee table/ decorative side table

When Stephen was helping his aunt to clear out some old furniture, he discovered an antique sewing machine that she was planning to throw away! The sewing machine became the item of their next project. Stephen loves antique furniture but it is not easy to find them in the market.


Two pieces of wooden boards, spray-painted with white paint and left to dry. Overturned metal frame was tightly secured to the wooden boards using metal hinges.

Of course, you can find restored antique furniture in the market. However, he only likes the ones that he personally restored. To Stephen, you just need a little more time and effort to create DIY items according to your liking. That’s cool!


This is an antique Flying Man sewing machine. The wooden parts and surfaces, inside and out, were already damaged.


Finish coats are not cheap, they cost about SGD 30. However, metal paints or those that could be applied directly over rust would cost more.


A tin of metal paint (gold) is SGD 12.


The sewing machine was painted black.


Painting this golden label requires steady hands and good skills.


Two tins of white spray paint, one tin of transparent spray paint, each costs SGD 5. The total cost of the metal hinges was SGD 4.50.


Wooden boards bought from IKEA were used as the table top, the cost of all these is SGD 19. There were cheaper options elsewhere, but IKEA was the only shop that was still open after 7 pm.


Table top, with varnish applied.


If you do not have any recyclable laces or ribbons at home, you could buy some from Daiso to decorate the table top.


Taking a close look at the lace decorations, it’s beautiful!

Before makeover: the Flying Man label and sewing machine with its original coat.
In my interview with Stephen and Angie, they told me that this was actually quite a difficult DIY project.


The final work! Isn’t it amazing?

Unattractive at first, old items were given a refreshing new look! Although they are not professional furniture restorer, but it was an exciting experience to witness what was originally trash getting a new makeover! They felt very satisfied and happy to be able to personally modify their own furniture!

It may not be always cost-saving to do what they did. The cost of restoring old furniture may be higher than mid-range priced furniture found in the market. They know that they could choose to use more materials that can be recycled or reused. However, as this is their first home, part of the materials used were newly bought. Nevertheless, for future projects they will try to use only materials that are recycled. They encourage their friends to do the same!

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Use your creativity. Anything could be recycled and reused.

Stephen and Angie have been restoring old furniture as they are very used to recycle, reuse old materials and live a green lifestyle. Another reason why they love doing what they do is because the final work would always be one of its kind. To do something together as husband and wife, something both of them are passionate about, what does it feel like to look back one day and see the things, dreams and memories they built together? This is not something money could buy! I felt that people who love to restore old stuff are the ones who know how to treasure their loved ones. In future, their children could inherit these items from them; it could also be passed down to the next generation as family heirlooms! Don’t forget, these are unique treasures that you will not be able to find elsewhere!

Don’t you wish to do the same after you see what they did? Don’t hesitate! Go ahead and create furniture that is uniquely yours!

Special thanks to Stephen & Angie for the interview and credits for the photos.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” used your creativity , anythings is possible to recycle. 

Wai Yee Chim bk
Translator: Wai Yee Chim

Yuki Ng bk
Writer : Yuki Ng

Original Chinese article: 旧家具大玩创意再循环变宝藏

MTV Europe Music Awards 2014 in Glasgow

The MTV Europe Music Awards is an event presented by MTV Networks Europe, which hands out prizes to outstanding artistes, musicians and performers. The aim is to acknowledge and recognise the efforts by these artistes. This music award event is different in comparison to the others because the winners are selected entirely by vote. The members of the public and the jury formed the panel of 1000, which churned out the list of nominees. The winners of each category are then chosen based on the votes.

The MTV Europe Music Awards is held every year in a different country. The awards are presented annually with live broadcast on MTV Europe, MTV Live HD, most of the international MTV channels as well as online to more than one billion viewers. The 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards was held in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city!

infotainment_052_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

One day, I received a notification from StarHub, telling me that I had won a chance to catch the MTV EMAs live in Glasgow!OH MY GOD!” I shouted out loudly. I jumped up and down ecstatically. I could not believe it myself. Who would believe that by just shooting some pictures, I had won one pair of round-trip tickets to Glasgow, Scotland, with free accommodation! I would also be the guest-of -honor at the MTV EMAs show and had the chance to participate in the MTV Asia filming. It happened all too fast and too sudden. Until today it still felt like an incredible dream come true! I did not know much about Scotland and Glasgow. I could only recall that the scottish plaid skirt, Scottish bagpipes, fish and chips were all symbols of the place. I did some research and learnt that Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city.

infotainment_022_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

My lovely nail-art only for the MTV EMAs! design by: Perfect Ten Nail Holiday Plaza JB infotainment_001_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow    I was really excited and looking forward to attending so many events and activities in Glasgow. I could not contain my excitement. Till this moment, I still cannot believe all these are true!     infotainment_006_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

We flew to London and then transferred to Glasgow Airport. After unloading our luggage, we immediately went into filming. We could see banners shouting MTV EMAs everywhere! The entire city seemed to have come alive because of the event! Glasgow’s major shopping centres and landmark buildings had different MTV themed art displayed on them! Bag from: iRoo Singapore

infotainment_057_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_032_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

infotainment_026_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_023_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

As we walked along Glasgow city, the crew wanted us to try the famous Scottish authentic tapas [Haggis]. I realised we were not just ordinary travellers. . .suddenly I felt like we were super stars, filming food variety shows for entertainment. It certainly was a refreshing experience. We were treated like VIPS. I felt like a star from Singapore! I really felt very fortunate to be able to participate in this overseas shooting experience. The piping hot food offered much comfort to us given that the weather was really cold in Glasgow.

infotainment_031_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish, it can be considered as the national dish of Scotland. I called it the ‘dark dish’ because it looks black! Haggis is a savourly pudding containing sheep offal (heart, lung, liver) grind with chopped onion accompanied by other ingredients. It seems a little weird and I was not sure if I would try it. But as the saying goes, you have not been to Glasgow if you did not try Haggis. So we plucked up our courage and tried the dish! I felt that the taste was alright and acceptable even though I dislike eating sheep or animal organs.


infotainment_036_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

We were at the tallest building in Glasgow–The Light House! It feel exceptionally cooling and comfortable! Beautiful and unique urban style at a glance, it felt really great! infotainment_035_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Singapore’s Next Top Model Wannabe….trying hard to make it in Glasgow!



infotainment_012_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Stood at the top of the city.  Such a beautiful view, it made all my troubles & stress disappeared into thin air! I felt completely relaxed & free standing there. You really have to personally experience it too!  

infotainment_003_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

infotainment_004_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

As the selfie queen, how can I not take a selfie in Glasgow? I am Yuki Ng, checking in GLASGOW! Love this quote PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW! Cool! 

infotainment_008_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

EMA World Stage Event with Slash & Biffy Clyro in celebration of MTV EMAs in Glasgow 2014. We had a party on the first night in Glasgow!    infotainment_007_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Sweater & Leather Pant from: iRoo Singapore

infotainment_009_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_010_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow I am sure you could tell that I am so excited because the organizers had arranged a handsome cutie to welcome me. Shoo the female model away! Oops infotainment_011_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow    

Yeah! Finally!

infotainment_039_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowon 9 November,  before the MTV EMAs  ceremony began,  we attended  the pre-party to welcome MTV EMAs winners from around the world! We felt so honoured and pampered!

infotainment_041_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow We walked across the red carpet into the party venue. At that moment, I was excited to finally be able to step into the event venue.  We began to warm up a little for the madness at the pre-party!

infotainment_040_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Obviously, this time I really wanted to push away my sister! ( She is really superfluous )

infotainment_042_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Additional Episode: click and see to believe! I posted this picture on facebook  just for fun. I casually said that I had Won the Coolest Asian Female Rock Award. My readers and followers actually believed it and congratulated me! I am sorry that this sparked some commotion, it was all for fun. But this is really a true MTV trophy!  Super heavy weight! Frankly speaking, I am really an “Asian” “Female” who dressed up in “Rock Style” ya! Yeah! I am thick-skinned enough to self-proclaimed “Coolest” to holding this award, but oh well haha! (Chicanery!) infotainment_043_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow That night, my unique evening dress and outfit were from iRoo’s series. It allowed me to appear in style to attend the MTV EMA 2014!  Special Thanks to: Dress & Bag :  iROO Singapore Hairstyle: Jean Yip Singapore

infotainment_044_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_020_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow At the Pre-Party offer, all VIP guests were offered a number of interesting services. Such as: Make Up for female guests! There were also photo booth services for guests.   infotainment_059_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_021_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Would I be the next Asia raising star like Nicky Minaj? infotainment_046_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Bravely volunteered to  go up the stage to try and experience to be a DJ,  let me rock the house down! infotainment_045_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow Group photo session with winners were from around the world!

infotainment_017_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Yes, we had a wonderful time!

We walked to the first MTV music awards ceremony hosted by The SSE Hydro, Glasgow!

infotainment_014_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow infotainment_015_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_038_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow Yes, concealed extreme excitement! infotainment_016_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

The event site had a large number of viewers waiting for admission. My foreign friends spotted me doing a selfie and also decided to join in at the back! Thanks for the support! infotainment_047_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow The atmosphere was super good. It felt like a United Nations Ceremony Party! Countdown begins!

infotainment_030_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

I did not expect the most popular Chinese singer from China, Bibi Zhou to be so close to me! She was also friendly and cooperative in taking the picture with me!   Chinese singer Bibi Zhou was the only Chinese singer who attended the music event and successfully winning the “Best Worldwide Artist” award! infotainment_029_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_028_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Alicia Keys appeared to have some interaction with the audience. I was surprised, because I did not expect this. She was so so so close to us! When she walked towards the backstage, she actually stretched out her left hand so that all the way along the arena corridor fans could touch her hand! I told myself “ What are you waiting for? Touch the goddess’s  hand!” I was surprised at my own reaction. It was rare opportunity that I should not miss. infotainment_058_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow I am more familiar with Western pop music singers such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swiftt and Katy Perry.  I only got to know Nicky Minaj recently. Of course, her large butt is her trademark! It is indeed attention seeking! infotainment_049_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow Other than a great hot performance, Nicky Minaj also surprised the audiences by appearing in various visually appealing dresses and costumes and entertaining us with her wonderful jokes. She was really very cute and humorous.

infotainment_050_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Nicky Minaj was one of the key person in the 2014 MTV EMA. She was not only the host, but also the main performing artist and winner! Her gorgeous outfits and hairstyles were also a hot topic for discussion. Her bold enthusiasm, interaction between dancers and orchestra, plus her usual fearless bold statements, it was clear why she is known as the goddess of this new generation. Congratulations to Nicky Minaj in winning Best Hip-Hop Artist! Best Song with a Message << Pretty Hurts >> Frankly, my favourite singer is Beyonce. It is a pity that she did not attend the ceremony but I would like to congratulate her in winning the most inspirational songs award! To be able to witness up closeAlicia Keys’, Nicky Minaj’s and Ariana Grande’s performances, I must certainly count my blessings! I am indeed contented!     infotainment_018_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow Let’s verify the LIVE Power of Slash & Biffy Clyro again. They successfully pushed the atmosphere to the highest point! To paint a perfect ending for MTV EMA! Burn it! Rock it! 

infotainment_019_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

It’s really thanks to MTV EMA & StarHub bought to us for this unforgettable wonderful night in my life ever at THE SSE HYDRO, Glasgow! Glasgow landscapes, buildings and the people are literate, polite and friendly, warm and fun! I must admit I had fallen in love with this country!   Thank you again to MTV and Singapore StarHub in letting my sister & I be the lucky ones to attend this event and making our dreams come true! I always says I believe I can fly and I proved it! Thanksgiving to Lord’s grace! Some photos credits from the MTV website. More coverage info about MTV EMA can visit the official websites:

MTV EMA 2014 Glasgow [ Behind The Scene ]

When it comes to film production, it is something not new to me, but for my sister, it was her first time. I can totally imagine how curious and nervous she was. In the past when I was involved in filming, we did it in a group. I was not the protagonist, I rarely speak.  But this time only the winners in Singapore participated in the filming. I was pretty nervous. Plus the weather was really cold. We were trembling and shaking in the cold. There were a couple of reshots and NG takes. We sincerely apologise to the crew for that. Shooting process was smooth in general. We had a professional crew and we did it against the beautiful backdrop of Glasgow. Stay tuned for the finished product! infotainment_002_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_027_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

The itinerary in Glasgow was tight, but we still had a blast! We thank the organizers for arranging Hazel to be with us! She was trying to help my sister and I adapt to a foreign environment and help us in gaining quicker access to the shooting locations, so everything can be carried out so smoothly! infotainment_005_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_025_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Hazel is also very funny, playful, easy going and always bring a smile to us. We were grateful to have known such as kind and beautiful lady.

Hazel Lua – Rude by Magic!

Another surprising find that we had was Hazel Lua! She is also a Singaporean singer. We both love music and singing, no wonder we hit it off greatly! I love to watch her skilful, confident, comfortable singing in natural way. Her original creations have fascinated me! I have become her new fan! You can join to be her fans by subscribing to her Youtube channel now!

End, Happy Reading!


Celina Seah bk Translator: Celina Seah

Yuki Ng bk Writer : Yuki Ng
Read chinese article:欧洲音乐大奖2014