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March, 2018

  • 15 March

    My Bittersweet CNY, Goodbye My Love

    Recently, I heard from my friend about her pet past away during CNY. The story quite tragic even I didn’t own a pet, but I feel for her, hence I decided to post her story…. It’s been a month since you left us. It took me a while (1 month …

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November, 2017

  • 25 November

    7 Steps to Huat on LiChun 2018 by Master Paw

    The year 2017 is ending soon. New year 2018 is coming soon.   This post is summarising the 7 secret  steps of HUAT / increase your wealth method  on LiChun 2018. This post is based on Master Paw table calendar. Lichun of 2018 starts on 4 February 2017, Sunday 5:28am. Therefore, the …

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  • 20 November

    Christmas Love Roadshow @ Novena Square 2

    Christmas Roadshow @ Novena Square 2 Hey readers from Waoblog! It took me quite a while to get use to writing here as it felt so different. So here’s one sharing my experiences on the Christmas Love Roadshow at Novena Square 2! You might thinking, roadshows like these are a …

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  • The Traveling C.O.W – Chef On Wheel

    The Traveling C.O.W – Chef On Wheel, seemed like it has been taken out of a nursery rhyme, of   “The Cow Jumped Over the Moon”. However, Karen, owner of The Traveling C.O.W – Chef On Wheel explains that the name came as the acronym of Chef of Wheels forms the …

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